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  • Gensil 12

    High performance Silicone based translucent paste, specially developed for applications in dielectric insulation, surface protection, release and specialised lubrication. Good water repellency and oxidation resistance. Good adherence to dry surfaces of metals, ceramics, rubbers and other insulating materials.

  • Oyumaru

    Oyumaru Impression Blocks are great for taking quick impression moulds. Simply place blocks in hot water, wait for them to soften, then remove. .

  • SilGel 612

  • Silicone Diluent

    A non-reactive fluid used as a dilutant. When used in small amounts of up to 10% it allows for retention of physical properties while reducing the viscosity of the total system. Used with silicones like SOFT TRANS of amounts up to 30%, it will allow for the production of floppy 'skin-like' material.

  • Thixotropic M

    A colorless, cloudy medium viscosity liquid with a faint odor.  Exclusively used to thicken those condensation curing RTV-2 silicone rubber grades of the elastosil M45 series which are flowable as supplied.