Sculpting Tools & Modelling Tools –

Our sculpting tools and modelling tools are perfect for sculpting clay, right down to the fine details. Our cutting tools come with a variety of edges, from smooth to serrated. This allows you to achieve different finishes. They also come in different shapes like tear drop, circle, and oval. We also have many shaping tools including plastic models and models with wire ends. If you need a few tools, why not check out our tool sets?

We also have male form and female form bases, which are ideal for creating a head, neck, and shoulders sculpts. The form bases have elongated necks to compensate for latex mask shrinkage. We also have a spatula, scalpel, and tool and brush caddie. The caddie is great for hanging up your tools. Our rubber kidneys are used for shaping, smoothing, and finishing clay pieces. The flexible palettes are great for smoothing, blending, scraping, trimming, levelling, and emphasising edges. Our tools work perfectly with our range of air dry, oil-based and polymer clays.


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