Hot Wire Foam Cutters, Foam Glue & Foam Coats –

Our hot wire foam cutters, foam glue, and foam coats from Hot Wire Foam Factory are great to use on foam projects. These professional quality tools make cutting EPS foam fun. Cut through hard and soft foams quickly and easily with our hot wire foam cutters, including hot knives and bow cutters. Make sure to check these tools are safe to use with the foam you intend to use. We also have replacement blades and wires. There are freehand sculpt, scroll cut, and carve with our sculpting tool sets. We have tools with and without power supply to suit your needs.

The Foam Fusion foam glue is super easy to apply, simply brush or squeeze it on. Don’t worry if you’ve glued the wrong foam parts together, the Hot Wire Foam cutters will cut right through the glue. The Styrogoo foam glue can be used on foam, glass, metal, plastic, cardboard, and more materials. Our foam coats act as a layer of protection, while also giving the appearance of metal, bone, wood, or stone. These are available in outdoor and indoor formulas. Check out the bow cutter for our largest customized cutting tool.

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8 Pack Wires for Crafters Mini Table

$33.00 (inc. gst) $26.40 (inc. gst)
Eight (8) 6.75″ blades for the Mini Table. For use with the Crafters Power Supply.

Freehand Router Blades (8/pk)

$44.00 (inc. gst) $35.20 (inc. gst)
Eight (8) shapeable blades for Freehand and/or 3D Scroll Table Routers. For use with the Pro Power Station only.

Pro Power Station Replacement

$165.00 (inc. gst) $132.00 (inc. gst)
This adjustable temperature Pro Power Station allows you to set the optimal cutting speed for all of our Craft and

Industrial Hot Knife 12″ Shapeable Wires

$33.00 (inc. gst) $26.40 (inc. gst)
These 12-Inch long, by 3/16-Inch wide hand-shapeable wires are for freehand cutting with the Industrial Hot Knife. They are the

Industrial Hot Knife Replacement Blade

$22.00$33.00 (inc. gst)
$17.60$26.40 (inc. gst)
The Industrial Hot Knife from Hot Wire Foam Factory, offers two sizes in the replacement blades; a 4″ and 6″.

Sculpting Tool Wire Tensioner

$11.00 (inc. gst) $8.80 (inc. gst)
Sculpting Tool not included – it is available separately. Hot and Taut! Now you can easily do freehand scroll cutting.

Crafters Power Supply Replacement

$33.00 (inc. gst) $26.40 (inc. gst)
A single temperature plug-in-the-wall power supply for Australian/New Zealand style 220 volt outlets. This power supply works with the Sculpting

All Purpose Foam Coat

$17.60$88.00 (inc. gst)
$17.60$70.40 (inc. gst)
All Purpose Foam Coat Rock hard coating protects and beautifies your foam projects. Easy to use – simply mix with

Exterior Foam Coat

$17.60$88.00 (inc. gst)
$14.08$88.00 (inc. gst)
Exterior Foam Coat Rock hard coating for all your outdoor (and indoor) foam projects. This stuff is super tough. It

Bounce Rubberizer

$16.50$38.50 (inc. gst)
$16.50$30.80 (inc. gst)
Incredible Bouncing Boulders? Can be used alone or with All Purpose Foam Coat. Add small amounts of All Purpose Foam

Hot Wire Foam Factory Brush On Foam Fusion Glue

$14.30$22.00 (inc. gst)
$11.44$22.00 (inc. gst)

Hot Wire Styro Goo 8.5oz (251.3ml)

$14.30 (inc. gst) $11.44 (inc. gst)
The instant-tack foam safe EPS Foam Glue. For all your craft and hobby needs. Ideal for permanently adhering foam, foam

Industrial Hot Knife Variable Heat

$330.00 (inc. gst) $264.00 (inc. gst)
This tool is for doing fast and serious damage to your big foam projects, and to you if not used

Craft Sculpt Set

$66.00 (inc. gst) $52.80 (inc. gst)
The most popular and versatile tool for freehand sculpting, carving and scroll cutting. The arms pivot so the wire can

Hot Knife (no power supply)

$55.00 (inc. gst) $44.00 (inc. gst)
Plunge, Slice, and Dice!! The foam cutting tool the world”s been asking for. A combo hand held scroll saw and

Crafters Knife Kit

$66.00 (inc. gst) $52.80 (inc. gst)
Crafters 4 Inch Knife Kit The thin round steel blade cuts Styrofoam and white beaded EPS foam cleanly in any

Crafter 3-in-1 Kit

$198.00 (inc. gst) $158.40 (inc. gst)
Crafters Deluxe 3-In-1 Kit For all your foam craft and hobby needs. This Crafters Kit includes the best hot wire

Pro 4-in-1 kit

$440.00 (inc. gst) $352.00 (inc. gst)
Pro Model 4-in-1 Tool Kit This is one of our top-of-the-line foam cutting tool kits. Not only because it’s a

Crafters Mini Table Kit

$88.00 (inc. gst) $70.40 (inc. gst)
Crafters Mini-Scroll Table Kit The go-to hot wire foam cutting table for making styrofoam models, 3D foam letters, numbers, signs,

Craft Scroll Table Kit

$110.00 (inc. gst) $88.00 (inc. gst)
Crafters Scroll Table Kit Fast accurate foam cutting made easy. The go-to hot wire foam cutting table for making styrofoam

3D Pro Scroll Table

$330.00 (inc. gst) $264.00 (inc. gst)
3D Pro 16-Inch Table Kit The ultimate multi-function foam modeling machine. Our sturdy and slick looking 3D Table is a