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Condensation cure silicones, also known as tin-cure silicones or tin-catalyzed silicones, are a type of silicone rubber commonly used for mould-making. These silicones are called “condensation cure” because they undergo a chemical reaction called condensation polymerization during the curing process. Condensation cure silicones require moisture to initiate the curing process. This means that they can cure at room temperature and are typically cured by atmospheric moisture in the environment. This makes them user-friendly and convenient for many applications. These silicones contain a tin-based catalyst, which facilitates the cross-linking of polymer chains during curing. The catalyst reacts with the moisture in the environment to form byproducts like alcohol.

Condensation cure silicone moulds are excellent for standing up to production casting of urethane, polyester, and epoxy resins. They’re also great for casting wax, gypsum, and low-melt metal alloys. With our condensation silicones you can create a wide variety of items, including economical silicone moulds, SFX skin and parts, figurines, props, and more. Our product descriptions will tell you what each silicone is recommended for. You can also check out information like the hardness and type, pot-life and de-mould time, and other key features. Some of these liquid silicones can be mixed with a thickener so you can brush it on opposed to pouring.


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M4503/T35 Condensation Silicone Rubber

$55.00$682.00 (inc. gst)

M4470/T37 Silicone Rubber

$49.50$1,375.00 (inc. gst)

Tinsil Gel-10 Silicone Rubber

$115.50$1,870.00 (inc. gst)

Tufsil 28 Condensation Silicone Rubber

$594.00 (inc. gst)

T35 Catalyst

$8.80$82.50 (inc. gst)

T37 Catalyst

$8.80$71.50 (inc. gst)

T47 Catalyst

$11.00$110.00 (inc. gst)