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Our alginate moulding powder is perfect for life casting. It lets you capture all the intricate details for a truly realistic look. Check out our range for face, hand, body, and dental casting. You can create props, body parts, mementos and everything in between.  We have Accucast Handgel 570, IBG, LS680 and a Dental formulation. Which one you choose depends on the size of the project. It also depends on the temperature of the environment you’ll be working in. Or go for our chromatic dental alginate to cast teeth or for smaller parts like baby hands or paw prints. Make keepsake memories by pouring plaster into your alginate moulds and painting them using metal coatings and patinas!

This moulding product is easy to use, and we offer a variety of set times. All of our alginates are safe on skin, just rinse with water when finished. It is also a temporary mould material, so you should use the mould quickly after the alginate has set. We also offer plaster bandages which are great for creating a rigid case or jacket over life casts. This is especially helpful for face and bust moulds. Follow our technical guide for more detailed information.

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Monster Gel CSF Slow

Monster Gel CSF Slow

$41.80$803.00 (inc. gst)
Monster Gel CSF Slow is the newest Prosthetic Grade Alginate from our friends at Monster Makers. This product comes from

Accucast Alginate HandGel 570

$41.80$132.00 (inc. gst)
Accu-Cast™ HandGel™ 570 alginate is an easy to use alginate mould material that is ideal for making poured moulds used

Accucast Alginate IBG

$47.30$462.00 (inc. gst)
Accucast Alginate IBG (Imperial Body Gel) is ideal for life-casting and moulding medium-sized life casting projects like faces, heads and

Accucast Alginate LS680

$60.50$583.00 (inc. gst)
Accucast Alginate LS680 is ideal for medium-sized projects, especially faces and heads. It is Green in colour and offers approximately

Bodywrap Plaster Bandage Roll

$4.40$8.80 (inc. gst)
Bodywrap plaster bandages are ideal for creating a rigid case over an alginate life cast or as a fast case

Cromax Dental Alginate

$26.40 (inc. gst)
Chromax Dental Alginate is a high-precision dental alginate impression material with a chromatic phase and set indicator. This dental alginate

Gypsona Bandage 6 inch Roll

$14.30$176.00 (inc. gst)
Gypsona bandages combine fast setting, high quality plaster of Paris with the conformable and stable interlocked weave of leno cloth.