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4 Pack Wires for Bow 0.020

$49.50 (inc. gst)
Four (4) 4ft replacement cutting wires for the Compound Bow Cutter.

HWFF AC Sculpting Tool Wire (6/pk)

$22.00 (inc. gst)
Six (6) replacement cutting wires for use with Crafters Power Supply. These will also work with the Pro Power Station,

8 Pack Wires for Crafters Mini Table

$38.50 (inc. gst)
Eight (8) 6.75″ blades for the Mini Table. For use with the Crafters Power Supply.

HWFF Freehand Router Blades (8/pk)

$44.00 (inc. gst)
Eight (8) shapeable blades for Freehand and/or 3D Scroll Table Routers. For use with the Pro Power Station only.

HWFF Scroll Table Blades (8/pk)

$41.80 (inc. gst)
Eight (8) precision 10.5″ blades for both the Original Scroll Tables and 3D Scroll Tables. For use with either the
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HWFF Pro Power Station Replacement

$209.00 (inc. gst)
This adjustable temperature Pro Power Station allows you to set the optimal cutting speed for all of our Craft and

HWFF Crafters Power Supply Replacement

$35.20 (inc. gst)
Plugs directly into Australian and New Zealand 220 volt wall sockets. Will power any of our Craft Tools including the

HWFF Sculpting Tool Wire Tensioner

$12.10 (inc. gst)
Sculpting Tool not included – it is available separately. Hot and Taut! Now you can easily do freehand scroll cutting.