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Resin often makes use of opaque pigments, offering a wide range of colors for artistic projects. These pigments can be utilized across various types of resins, whether individually or in convenient multi-colour packs. The versatility of these packs becomes evident when a variety of colors are needed. For instance, we offer 2 x 4 packs and an assorted 10 pack. The 10 pack includes 2 pairs of medium latex gloves, 1 x 10pack of icy-pole sticks, 2 empty 25ml jars for custom blends, and 10 x 25ml opaque pigments. Their introduction into the resin leads to a notable alteration in the resin’s transparency, which results in a shift towards a more opaque appearance. Diverse shades are accessible to cater to the preferences and requirements of resin artists. The pigments may also be blended to create customized colours.

The inclusion of these pigments is motivated by the aim to enhance the visual allure of the final resin piece. When these pigments are seamlessly blended with the resin, they ensure a uniform distribution of colour. The versatility of these pigments becomes evident in their compatibility with various types of resin, including epoxy, polyurethane, and polyester resin. This compatibility extends to polyurethane, which encompasses a range of materials such as rigid plastics, rubbers, and foams. This adaptability allows artisans to utilize these pigments in an extensive array of projects, spanning from jewelry crafting to fluid art.

Moreover, the appeal of opaque pigments is enhanced by their enduring quality and resistance to fading. Darker colours will often guarantee the preservation of colour vibrancy over time. In the realm of resin artistry, these pigments, applied passively, present a vast palette of creative possibilities. Furthermore, our descriptions include comprehensive guides on how to effectively utilize the opaque resin colours.

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Opaque Pigment 25ml

$13.20 (inc. gst)

Alumilite Flo Dye

$17.60 (inc. gst)

Alumilite Resin Dye

$17.60 (inc. gst)