Oil Based Clay –

Oil based clay, also known as plasticine clay, never dries out and stays pliable. This gives you plenty of time to work with it, ensures your creations hold well, and lets you achieve intricate details. For these reasons, it’s often used for creating maquettes or clay models for mould-making. Our range includes non-toxic, sulphur-free clay so you can have peace of mind while sculpting your clay masterpieces.

Many of our clays can be remelted and reused as many times as you like. This is especially handy when you need to make changes. Monster clay is highly popular. It has a high plasticity and a unique elastic quality, making it very easy to work with. It also has a lower density than the usual oil-based clay. This means you can get about 25% more clay per pound without the extra cost. We also stock Claymate, ideal for mould makers, fabricators, and fibreglass applications. Our range also includes Clayette and NSP clay from Chavant. Clayette modeling clay is sulfur-free, non-hardening, odor-free and flexible without being sticky. Perfect for model-making and mould-making applications. We have a variety of grades including soft, medium, and hard in stock. As for sizes, you can choose from 900gm or 2+g to suit your needs.

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