Melissa Pittaway

Melissa Pittaway is the founder and director of Neon Heart Designs – a colourful, vibrant and aesthetically unique homewares and jewellery brand. Melissa’s use of epoxy helps her to create all things neon, glitter and colour!

Her use of epoxy resin began in 2019, inspired by her love of nail art and encapsulated glitter. Since establishing her brand and experimenting with a wide variety of materials, Melissa found that it’s the use of resin which gives her complete creative freedom. Every piece she makes is unique and original, exuding vibrancy, joy as well as a sense of fun and playfulness. Epoxycast has been Melissa’s resin of choice for the past several years, for its clarity, bubble release and long pot life. Its translucence allows the layers of colour and glitter in her pieces to really shine and brings the depth of colour she uses to life. This includes the suspended glitter often incorporated into her work. Creating mini galaxies through her art, each resin piece is a distinctive object in its own right.

As of December 2023, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Neon Heart in the creation of two limited edition bangle moulds. Designed in the classic heart shape, these moulds are available in two sizes Adult and Kids, so that you can produce your own Neon Heart inspired bangles.