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Barnes is your one stop shop for creative people. Australia's leading supplier of Sculpting, moulding and casting materials.
Check out our huge range of silicone, resin, latex, clay, tools and accessories online or in-store.
Barnes have 5 stores throughout Australia located in Brunswick & Richmond in Melbourne, Victoria, East Brisbane in Queensland, Newtown & Chatswood in Sydney, NSW.

We have also opened our first store in Auckland, New Zealand.

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At Barnes we provide the tools, clays and sculpting mediums for both the professional and the novice to start their creative journey. Our range includes Chavant professional clays, Monster Clay, Super Sculpey and Apoxie Sculpt, as well as a range of carving wax, foam and armature construction products


Making moulds is quick and easy with Pinkysil silicone rubber. Or perhaps you have a large surface to cover and need something from our Wacker Silicone selections. Barnes has a silicone moulding rubber for most applications. Silicone isn’t the only option when making moulds, flexible polyurethanes, fiberglass, latex, gypsum and epoxies are amongst the Barnes range, view the selection online or email our friendly technical staff today to discuss your project.


Polyurethanes come in many different types, we offer fast cast systems such as Easycast, Supercast and Bqueen which is a popular jewellery making resin. We also carry a large range of Epoxy Resin which are suitable for Resin Art. We have a comprehensive selection from BJB including TC808, flexible urethanes, foams and water clear products. Other casting choices may be plaster, wax, polyester, epoxy or even silicone rubber as this isn’t just for moulds. Pigment, fillers and metal paints are available for a range of finishing effects.