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Barnes large range of patinas, metal paints and adhesives. We also have airbrush and airbrushing supplies.

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  • Instead-A-Glove 4oz Skin Shield
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    Instead-A-Glove 4oz Skin Shield

    Protect hands from solvents, epoxy, silicone, lacquer, grease, oil, paint, fiberglass, acetone, superglue, PVC adhesives, dirt, grime, magic marker, ink 

  • Disposable Aprons
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    Disposable Apron

    A cheap and economical apron ideal for single use applications. Made from LDPE these aprons are white and are a full size bib style measuring 71cm x 117cm.

  • Copper Powder
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    Copper Powder

    Can be mixed with a variety of products including forton, polyesters, polyurethanes, Epoxy Resins. Great for use when creating cold cast effects

  • Brass Powder
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    Brass Powder

    These fillers are more commonly used in resins for producing cold cast metal effects. Generally, higher amounts of metal powder are used to give a true metallic effect. Can be buffed, polished and a patina applied if required.

  • Illuminous Powder
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  • Gelefects 3 Kit
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    Gelefects 3 Kit

    Ideal for casualty simulation and zombie make-ups. Create all kinds of cuts, scars, wounds and bullet hole effects. Washes off with warm water. No adhesives or glues necessary for application.

  • Flexi Can Spouts (x2)
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    Flexi Can Spouts

    Flexible Can spouts to assist in the pouring from one container to another.

  • Blue Green Dye Oxide 8oz Blue Green Dye Oxide 8oz
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    Dye Oxide 8oz

    The Water Based Dye-Oxide Patinas are very versatile. They are a cross between the Solvent Base Dyes and a patina. All of the colors are transparent and may be blended or layered together to achieve the color you want. They do not contain acids. They are a UV safe, indoor, or outdoor patina.

  • Alginate Bonder
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  • Small Half Mask Respirator
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    Half Mask Respirator

    Protect workers respiratory systems with this user-friendly North® 7700 Series face mask

  • Large Disp. Overalls
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    Disposable Overalls

    lightweight breathable disposable protective clothing

  • Hanson Mixer
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    Hanson Mixer

    All purpose mixing blades that attach to a power drill to mix quantities of liquid. This brand mixes with less air entrainment than most and ensures thorough mixing. They save plenty of time and hard work when mixing large amounts of material. Ideal for mixing cost cast urethane foam quickly.

  • Wet & Dry 120grit PK25
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    Wet & Dry Sandpaper

    • Perfect for sanding metals, automotive finishes and for sanding resin down to a smooth finish • Made with Silicone Carbide grain which retains its sharpness throughout its sanding life. • Used dry, or to reduce clogging, use water as a lubricant.

  • Aluminium Powder
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    Aluminium Powder

    These powders give the ultimate metallic leafing finish in resin. Using only a smalll amount into your resin mix you can achieve the most amazing of metal looking finishes.

  • Bronze Powder
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    Bronze Powder

    Can be mixed with a variety of products including forton, polyesters, polyurethanes, Epoxy Resins. Great for use when creating cold cast effects

  • Plastic Putty Knife 3 inch
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    Plastic Putty Knife 3 inch

    Plastic Putty Knives are the perfect tool for successfully mixing urethane or silicone in large volumes. Flat blade helps scrape all material from the sides on mixing tubs. Easy to clean off and re-use.

  • Ink Palette
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    Blue Bird Ink Palette

    The Bluebird Ink Palettes are creamy with a lusciously rich colour. They have an amazing coverage and consistency.

  • Iron Powder
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    Iron Powder

    Can be mixed with a variety of products including forton, polyesters, polyurethanes, Epoxy Resins. Great for use when creating cold cast effects

  • A/B Blood Kit 100ml
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    A/B Blood Kit

    A/B Blood is commonly used in the special fx industry to simulate blood. Very easy to use, just apply one part to your arm (or other body part), and the other to the prop knife. When the two parts touch it creates a fresh, just cut look. A/B Blood is blood red in colour.

  • DM2000 Valved Mask
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    DM2000 Valved Mask


  • 600ml Graduated Beaker
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    Graduated Beaker

    The beaker has a pouring spout and molded permanent graduation markings. These beakers have good chemical resistance.

  • Tooth Colour - Nicotine 1/4oz
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    Tooth Colour 1/4oz

    Achieve realistic nicotine stained teeth. Apply to dry teeth. For removal simply brush teeth with toothbrush and toothpaste.

  • Smash-It
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    Smash-It is a breakaway blend made from high quality resins and polymers to give a unique glass effect. This product has been widely used on many film and TV productions. Glass like clarity. Can be heated and hand poured. Will shatter like glass. Can be colored using oil soluble dyes mixed in white oil. Melting point 115 degrees Celsius, Softening Point...

  • Icypole Sticks
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    Icypole Sticks

    Icy pole sticks for mixing resins, not recommended for silicone or viscous materials.