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  • Stoner E236 Urethane Release
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    Stoner E236 Urethane Release

    Stoner E236 Urethane Mold Release is specially formulated as a release agent and anti-stick lubricant for molded urethanes. A light coating produces best results.

  • Stoner E302 Rocket Release
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    Stoner E302 Rocket Release

    Stoner E302 Rocket Release is an extremely versatile release agent which is generally acceptable for applications where a food grade release is required. In many applications, Rocket Release is considered to be the most paintable release agent available when molding plastics and similar materials.

  • Stoner A324 Sil/Release Rapid
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    Stoner A324 Sil/Release Rapid

    Stoner A324 Rapid Release is specially formulated to release molded silicone rubber, thermoset plastics, rubber, and similar materials. It provides a long lasting, thin-layer of anti-stick coating for fast, easy part removal from metal, plastic, rubber, and even silicone rubber molds.

  • Meguiars No.8 Mirror Glaze 310g
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    Meguiars No.8 Mirror Glaze 310g

    Mirror Glaze No.8 is a blend of waxes specially formulated to provide the maximum number of releases per application. Especially useful on tooling and new moulds.

  • TR-102 Regular Paste Wax
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    TR-102 Regular Paste Wax

    Made with the highest quality refined Carauda Wax. Provides high gloss, ease of application, high heat and chemical resist properties. Excellent release or parting ability. Can be used in conjunction with PVA Release.

  • Resin Mould Wax 50gm
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    Resin Mould Wax 50gm

    For use with Barnes resin moulds.

  • Vinyl Strip Spray 400gm Can
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    Vinyl Strip Spray 400gm Can

    This material allows the user to laminate fibreglass moulds directly onto wet clay. The vinyl spray is applied to the clay surface as a barrier coat to seal in any moisture from the clay sculpt or walls. Use in conjunction with a suitable release agent such as J-Wax. The Vinyl Spray also imparts some protective properties to the sculpt while the moulds...

  • Parafilm Ultra 4 Epoxy Mould Release
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    Parafilm Ultra 4 Epoxy Mould Release

    Driscoll Polyester Parfilm Ultra 4 Mold Release is a micro-thin film forming release agent impedes the degradation of the mold and yields longer mold life.

  • Filter P2 - Dust, Mists, Fumes
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    Filter P2 - Dust, Mists, Fumes

    P2 particulate filter that can be used in industries where excess levels of particulates are present in the workplace atmosphere

  • Filter A1 - Organic Vapours
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    Filter A1 - Organic Vapours

    A1 Filters protect against organic gases and vapours. Filters are specially designed and shaped to give "swept-back" position to enable excellent field of vision and balance.

  • Small Safety Goggles
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    Small Safety Goggles

    Small Safety Goggles helps in protection of eyes from dust particles, hazardous fumes and even liquid.

  • Polyfibre Thickener 150g
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    Polyfibre Thickener 150g

    Add PolyFibre thickener to liquid polyurethane plastics or rubbers to thicken for brush-on application or to make mold shells.

  • Slate Powder
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    Slate Powder

    Slate Powder is a  general filler for bulking out resins to reduce price. Fantastic in clear polyester resin to create black bases and busts.

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  • JA12 Alloy Stick $/kg
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    JA12 Quality Casting Pewter Low Melt Alloy Stick $/kg

     It is called casting pewter although it is not a true pewter. It is an excellent casting alloy giving very good definition. It has high strength and superior polishing. The casting range is 275-330°C. The sticks average 300gm. Approximate average content: Lead 0-10% Antimony 0-10% Cadmium 0-5% Copper 0-2% plus Tin.

  • JA6 Alloy Stick $/kg
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    JA6 Lead Free Metal Casting Alloy Stick $/kg

    JA6 lead free pewter has a bright silver colour. It is suitable for giftware, goblets etc. It is great for finer pieces of jewellery such as rings and delicate buckles. The casting range is 275-330°C. Approximate average content: Antimony 5-10% Copper 0-2% plus Tin.

  • JA7 Alloy Stick $/kg
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    JA7 White Metal Casting Low Melt Alloy Stick $/kg

    Excellent low cost alloy where relatively high weight is not a problem. It is suitable for larger objects over 50mm wide and over 5mm thick.

  • JA8 Alloy Stick $/kg
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    JA8 Alloy Stick $/kg

    This alloy offers superior ductility than some other low melt alloys. It can be bent without breaking

  • Pearl-Ex 12 Colour Book Set
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    Pearl Ex 12 Colour Book Set

    Jacquard Pearl Ex pigments are safe, non-toxic, inert powdered mica pigments that are ideal for interior, exterior and archival applications. Pearl Ex creates a metallic look without being a metal, and will not tarnish or fade. They mix into any viscous medium or may be spread dry on any porous surface to produce deep-luster metallic effects. Pearl-Ex...

  • Pearlex Varnish 70ml
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    Pearl Ex Varnish 70ml

    Pearl Ex Varnish is a clear water-based varnish to be used as a medium or as a topcoat with Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments on clay, metal, wood or plastic.

  • Jelly Wax 500gm
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    Jelly Wax 500gm

    Jelly wax, also commonly known as gel wax, is a clear, dimensionally stable, jelly-like material made from specially processed mineral oils

  • Moulding Wax Hard Red $/kg
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    Moulding Wax Hard Red 1kg Blocks

    This virgin wax is specifically formulated for use in art bronze casting. The quality of this is rigidly controlled so that uniform results should be obtained at all times using the same working conditions.

  • Brown Microcrystaline - $/kg
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    Brown Microcrystaline Wax 1kg Block

    Microcrystalline waxes consist of a matrix of extremely small crystals. They are sometimes referred to as amorphous wax.

  • Wax Fillet No.2 1/8 rad. 1150ft
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    Wax Fillet No.2 1/8 rad. 1150ft

    Wax Fillets are made of a performance-proven, high melting point wax formulation for meeting a wide variety of pattern shop applications. 

  • Wax Fillet No.3/16 rad. 460ft
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    Wax Fillet No.3/16 rad. 460ft

    Wax Fillets are made of a performance-proven, high melting point wax formulation for meeting a wide variety of pattern shop applications.