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It is called casting pewter although it is not a true pewter. JA12 is an excellent casting alloy giving very good definition.This alloy has high strength and superior polishing. The casting range is 275-330°C. The sticks average 300gm. Approximate average content: Lead 0-10% Antimony 0-10% Cadmium 0-5% Copper 0-2% plus Tin.

It is now possible to cast quite intricate metal shapes, such as toy soldiers or model car parts using some of the newer silicones as a mould and low temperature white metal casting alloys. Previously this type of work was done using metal moulds, quite difficult to have made and quite expensive. Amongst the most popular of these silicones are Wacker 4670 and 4470. Wacker 4670 is an addition cured silicone and has a medium firm Shore A rating of 55 suitable for models with slight undercuts . Wacker 4470 is a condensation cured product that has a Shore rating of 60 making it a harder rubber with a tendency to be brittle, but having good resistance to heat and suitable for castings with few or no undercuts.

Please Note: While melting alloy metals is a simple process, it should never be attempted without suitable protective safety equipment such as goggles and heat proof gloves. It is not something that children should ever attempt without very adequate adult supervison.

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