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Barnes large range of patinas, metal paints and adhesives. We also have airbrush and airbrushing supplies.

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  • Liver of Sulphur 2oz
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    Liver of Sulphur 2oz

    This is a mixture of potassium sulfides which has traditionally been used to darken or ‘antique’ silver and bronzes. This is usually called ‘oxidizing’ the surface though it has nothing to do with oxygen, what is really happening is that sulfur is reacting with the surface to produce the grays and blacks.

  • Stirling Silver Metallic Paint
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    Stirling Silver Metallic Paint

    Stirling Silver Metallic Paint leaves a brilliant finish and easily restores a new appearance to picture frames, furniture, crafts, ornamental pieces, toys and more! 8.5 oz. Sterling Silver.

  • Small Safety Goggles
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    Small Safety Goggles

    Small Safety Goggles helps in protection of eyes from dust particles, hazardous fumes and even liquid.

  • Bronze Wool
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    Bronze Wool

    A high quality bronze wool that is used when buffing or polishing back a bronze surface. This eliminates the problems that occur when polishing with steel wool and impregnating the bronze surface with a ferrous alloy. This can lead to inconsistencies when the patina is applied.The image is only a representation of bronze wool. We sell the as indivduals...

  • 24kt Gold Metallic Paint
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    24kt Gold Metallic Paint

    24kt gold metallic paint finish resembles actual metal plating, not paint.

  • Craft Polishing Kit
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    Craft Polishing Kit

    A unique and handy polishing kit for resin casters. This kit contains everything you need to take those casts, especially clears, to a finely polished and glass like surface.

  • Microgloss 1oz
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    Microgloss 1oz

    When used on a properly prepared surface as the final polishing medium, Micro Gloss will bring it to a fine luster.

  • Microgloss No.5 1oz
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    Microgloss No.5 1oz

    Micro Gloss #5 is a coarser liquid polishing compound for deeper scratches or repair jobs, when complete, finish polishing with Micro Gloss compound.

  • Padset 2x2" - 9 assort grits"
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    Padset 2x2 - 9 assort grits

    A set of Micro Mesh 50x50mm Soft Touch Pads in 1500, 1800, 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000, 12000 grit.

  • Micromesh Variety Pack 3 x 4inch
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    Micromesh Variety Pack 3 x 4inch

    9 polishing sheets including grades of: 1500, 1800, 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000 and 12000.

  • Rainbow Patina 1ltr
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    Rainbow Patina 1ltr

    Traditional Rainbow Patina is a very interesting finish. Depending on the application method and the metal used, many different finishes can be created using this patina. For best results, apply to a shiny and clean metal surface. This patina does not work with the Metal Coatings. 

  • Zap-a-Dap-a-Goo 1oz
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    Zap-a-Dap-a-Goo 1oz

    ZAP GOO bonds wood to fiberglass, metal to wood, plastic to metal, just about anything to anything with a strong flexible bond

  • Zip Kicker Pumper 2oz
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    Zip Kicker Pumper 2oz

    ZIP KICKER Super-Glue Accelerator is the best working accelerator for ZAP and Other Super Glues. A Little Spritz Works in Seconds.

  • Z-7 Debonder 1oz
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    Z-7 Debonder 1oz

    De-bonding agent for all CA glues. Works by softening the glue so it can be wiped away. Removes glue from fingers and it can be used on a variety of surfaces.

  • Z-Ends & Tubing
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    Z-Ends & Tubing

    Spare ends and Tubing

  • Zip Kicker Refill 8oz
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    Zip Kicker Refill 8oz

    The best working accelerator for Zap and other super glues you'll ever find. Sets instantly.

  • Z-Poxy 5 mins 4oz
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    Z-Poxy 5 mins

    Clear, equal mix that cures in less than 5 minutes. Fuel-proof, vibration resistant formula. Flexible and durable yet remains sandable too. Excellent for furniture repair.

  • Z-Poxy 30 mins 8oz
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    Z-Poxy 30 mins 8oz

    Our 30 minute system allows 15 minutes working time and then cures in 30 minutes. Great for installing firewalls and bulkheads in fiberglass fuselages and boat hulls. Ideal for skinning small foam parts. Equal mix formula readily accepts filler for forming fillets.

  • Hanson Swing T Mixer
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    Hanson Swing T Mixer

    All purpose mixing blades that attach to a power drill to mix quantities of liquid. This brand mixes with less air entrainment than most and ensures thorough mixing. They save plenty of time and hard work when mixing large amounts of material. Ideal for mixing cost cast urethane foam quickly.

  • Eye Dropper
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    Eye Dropper

    Eyedroppers ideal for 50ml bottles of PSTF translucent dyes or other liquids.

  • Drop Sheet Plastic
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    Drop Sheet Plastic

    A Plastic Drop Sheet to cover and protect your valuables.

  • Plastic Putty Knife 1.5 inch
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    Plastic Putty Knife 1.5 inch

    Plastic Putty Knives are the perfect tool for successfully mixing urethane or silicone in large volumes. Flat blade helps scrape all material from the sides on mixing tubs. Easy to clean off and re-use.

  • Plastic Putty Knife 2 inch
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    Plastic Putty Knife 2 inch

    Plastic Putty Knives are the perfect tool for successfully mixing urethane or silicone in large volumes. Flat blade helps scrape all material from the sides on mixing tubs. Easy to clean off and re-use.

  • Long Plastic Stirrer
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    Long Plastic Stirrer

    Long plastic stirrers are designed for paint mixing but work well with resins and other materials.