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  • Red Head 3030
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    Red Head 3030

    Inexpensive plastic block on which latex can be applied to create bald caps.

  • Wrinkle Stipple 2oz
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    Wrinkle Stipple 2oz

    Achieve wrinkled skin special effects. To use, stretch clean skin with thumb and forefinger then apply Wrinkle Stipple thinly in small sections and allow to dry.

  • Spirit Gum Remover 2oz
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    Spirit Gum Remover 2oz

    Use for removal of spirit gum. To use, gently peel off prosthetic using Spirit Gum Removal on a cotton pad, foam sponge or tissue. Reapply Spirit Gum Removal to Spirit Gum residue as necessary. Wash skin with water and clean.

  • Nose and Scar Wax Ben Nye
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    Nose and Scar Wax - Ben Nye

    Nose and Scar Wax can be sealed and painted and colored with almost anything allowing for easier and quicker application.

  • Naturo Plasto Wax Firm 8oz
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    Naturo Plasto Wax Firm 8oz

    A compound for blending and covering defects, discolorations and wounds, and for perfect restoration of destroyed features. Remains firm and unaffected by high temperatures, moisture or chemicals.

  • Minute Stain Kit
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    Minute Stain Kit

    For instant shading, staining and characterizing of all provisional and permanent acrylic restorations including cured acrylic veneers, jackets and bridgework, denture teeth and denture base, acrylic and polycarbonate laminate veneers.

  • Ben Nye Final Seal 2oz Spray
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    Ben Nye Final Seal 2oz Spray

    Ply over any completed make-up for a smudge and water-resistant finish. Final Seal keeps make-up in place even on performers who perspire heavily.