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  • Deluxe Full ED Head Female Armature
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    Deluxe Full ED Head Armature 2.0

    Ed Head, made of hollow, rigid, polyurethane foam, the Deluxe Full Ed Head Armature is inexpensive to ship and suitable for medium to large sized mask sculptures. This new design has partial shoulders and an elongated neck which compensates for latex mask shrinkage. Please note: This product is handcrafted. 

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  • Deluxe Full Alanna Head Female Armature
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    Deluxe Full Alanna Head Female Armature

    Looking for a ready made female form base on which to sculpt or display your masks? Well, we've got one for you. Introducing our brand new, Alanna Head, made of hollow, rigid, polyurethane foam.

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  • Sculpey 5-in-1 Tool
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    Sculpey 5-in-1 Tool

    A very useful multi-purpose tool that has five interchangeable heads, including blade, pointer, metal ball end and two flexible shapers

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  • Accucast Alginate IBG
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    Accucast Alginate IBG

    Accu-cast IBG alginate is ideal for medium-sized life casting projects like faces, heads and torsos. Orange in colour.

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  • Bodywrap Plaster Bandage Roll
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    Bodywrap Plaster Bandage Roll

    Bodywrap bandages 3inch rolls are ideal for rigid case over alginate life casts or as a fast case mould over flexible moulding materials. Great for use in projects involving faces, heads and torsos

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  • Z-Poxy 30 mins 8oz
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    Z-Poxy 30 mins 8oz

    Our 30 minute system allows 15 minutes working time and then cures in 30 minutes. Great for installing firewalls and bulkheads in fiberglass fuselages and boat hulls. Ideal for skinning small foam parts. Equal mix formula readily accepts filler for forming fillets.

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  • Accucast Alginate LS680
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    Accucast Alginate LS680

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  • Flexicast Brushable
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    Flexicast Brush-On Moulding Rubber

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