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  • NSP Medium 900g
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    NSP Medium Clay 900g

    A professional grade sulphur free sculpting clay. NSP contains a higher percentage of waxes making it somewhat tougher than other similar products.

  • Icypole Sticks
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    Icypole Sticks

    Icy pole sticks for mixing resins, not recommended for silicone or viscous materials.

  • Metal Rule 150mm
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    Metal Ruler

     Permanently etched graduations of cm/mm and inches

  • Tongue Depressors (x100)
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    Tongue Depressors

    Wooden tongue depressors allow for mixing of resins, silicones.

  • Plastic Cups 215ml
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    Plastic Cups

    Plastic Cups. Cheap and effective cups that you can use to measure out your Part A and Part B liquids.

  • Snap-Off Blade Large 10pcs
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    Snap-Off Blade 10pcs

    Replacement blades for our large snape off knife

  • Sculpey Living Doll 454g
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    Sculpey Living Doll 454g

    The new doll clay from the makers of Super Sculpey.  Sculpey Living Doll is an outstanding clay with excellent sculpting properties and is used by dollmakers worldwide

  • Knife Small Snap-Off
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  • Sculpey Premo 454g Sculpey Premo 454g
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    Sculpey Premo 454g

    Premo Sculpey is an artist’s dream come true! After conditioning this clay is soft enough to blend easily but firm enough to hold fine detail and for specialized techniques. It’s perfect for caning, mokume gane and mica shift. Because Premo retains flexibility, the finished product remains very strong and durable.

  • Rubber Angled Chisel No. 10
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    Rubber Angled Chisel

    Clay Shapers are a new approach to working with clay, soft wax and modelling materials, plaster, heavy body paints and adhesives. The black rubber tips clean easily, and can be cleaned in solvents.

  • Budget Dispenser
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    Budget Dispenser 500ml

    A cheaper version of the Swedtool type system used for measuring out MEKP catalyst.

  • Mixing Tubs 1ltr
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    Mixing Tubs

    Used to mix silicone or resin.

  • 2 White Bristle Brush"
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    White Bristle Brush

    Ideal for brushing latex, plaster, stone, paint, release agents etc. They are uncoated paint brushes which are also suitable for applying polyester resin.

  • Gloves (100/box) - LARGE
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    Gloves (100/box)

    Disposable and non sterile medical grade latex gloves. Made from natural latex formulation that reduces skin irritation. Anatomically accurate design fits your hands for excellent tactile sensitivity and high dexterity. Odourless - no lingering odour after use. More durable than vinyl gloves.

  • Apoxie Sculpt 4lbs Cream
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    Apoxie Sculpt 4lbs

    Aves® Apoxie® Sculpt is a 2-part synthetic clay with a smooth, putty-like consistency.

  • Apoxie Sculpt 4 Colour Kit Apoxie Sculpt 4 Colour Kit
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    Apoxie Sculpt 4 Colour Kit 184g

    Apoxie® Sculpt combines the features & benefits of sculpting clay with the adhesive power of epoxy! Its smooth, putty-like consistency is easy to mix & use.

  • Safety Gloves Large 100/bx
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    Safety Gloves 100/bx

    Excellent replacement for latex - No latex protein - Provides excellent strength and durability Enhanced feel and comfort for better donning & use

  • Nitrile Gloves Large 100/bx
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    Nitrile Gloves 100 per box

    Nitrile gloves making them suitable for people with allergies to natural rubber latex. Stronger than standard latex or vinyl disposable gloves. Offer superior flexibility and touch.

  • Square Arm. 1/4 - 9.5mtr
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    Square Armature Wire

    Made from non-corrosive, lightweight, pliable aluminium wire.

  • Super Sculpey Original Polymer Clay 453g
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    Super Sculpey Original Polymer Clay 453g

    Super Sculpey clay is a ceramic like sculpting compound that is shatter and chip resistant. It remains soft and pliable if stored in a cool place and can be baked to a varying degree of hardness in conventional ovens

  • Gloves (5 x Pr) - LARGE
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    Gloves (5 x Pair)

    Our gloves have superior puncture and chemical resistance. They have a textured finish making it easy to pick up items. They comfortable to wear, and fit either hand. Also available in boxes of 100 gloves 

  • 30ml Measuring Cup
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    Measuring Cup 30ml

    Measuring Cup can be used to measure up your silicones or resins. We have them in 30ml and 60ml

  • 60ml Measuring Cup 60ml Measuring Cup
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    Measuring Cup 60ml

    Measuring Cup can be used to measure up your silicones or resins. We have them in 30ml and 60ml

  • Monster Clay Premium 2.2kg
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    Monster Clay Premium 2.2kg

    Monster Clay features include non-toxic, food grade, low melt temperature, low tack feel, high plasticity and a unique elastic quality.