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Safety Supplies for Moulding, Sculpting and Casting 

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  • Small Safety Goggles
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    Small Safety Goggles

    Small Safety Goggles helps in protection of eyes from dust particles, hazardous fumes and even liquid.

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  • Disposable Aprons
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    Disposable Apron

    A cheap and economical apron ideal for single use applications. Made from LDPE these aprons are white and are a full size bib style measuring 71cm x 117cm.

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  • Gloves (100/box) - LARGE
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    Latex Gloves (100/box)

    Disposable and non sterile medical grade latex gloves. Made from natural latex formulation that reduces skin irritation. Anatomically accurate design fits your hands for excellent tactile sensitivity and high dexterity. Odourless - no lingering odour after use. More durable than vinyl gloves.

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  • Safety Gloves Large 100/bx
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    Vinyl Gloves 100/bx

    Excellent replacement for latex - No latex protein - Provides excellent strength and durability Enhanced feel and comfort for better donning & use

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  • Nitrile Gloves Large 100/bx
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    Nitrile Gloves 100 per box

    Nitrile gloves making them suitable for people with allergies to natural rubber latex. Stronger than standard latex or vinyl disposable gloves. Offer superior flexibility and touch.

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