Pearl-Ex 12 Colour Set - Series 3 Expand

Pearl-Ex 12 Colour Set - Series 3

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Pearl-Ex 12 Colour Set - Series 3

Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments are extremely versatile they can be mixed into a variety of mediums for metallic/Pearlescent effects. The pigments offer extreme colourfastness and stability. They have a use in almost all forms of art from watercolour, rubber stamping, pottery, textile arts, candle making and so much more. They can be mixed into mediums such as polymer clay, encaustic wax, clay, acrylics, oils, binders and other artist’s mediums. Items decorated with Pearl Ex will have a metallic finish that will never tarnish or fade. The different particle sizes produce different effects from a smooth pearly lustre to a stunning metallic sheen. The smallest is micropearl at just 5-25 microns. The largest are Super Copper and Macropearl at 60-200 microns. The remainder of the range vary between 20-60 microns.

Pex Series III: one each of Pearl White, Mink, Carbon Black, Pink Gold, Pumpkin Orange, Grey Lavender, Reflex Violet, Antique Bronze, Sunset Gold, Salmon Pink, Sky blue, and Duo Green-Purple
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