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  • F160 Polyurethane Resin
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  • F140 Polyurethane Resin
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  • WC782
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    WC782 Rigid Water Clear Polyurethane

    WC-782 A/B is an impact resistant, rigid, 82 Shore D material that is commonly used to make clear or tinted castings of all kind. Recommended for: Lenses, Models, Tinted Parts,  Lures, Impact PartsPotlife & Demould: Work time - 15 mins / Demould time - 6-8 hrsHardness & Type: Shore D82 +/-2 Rigid Polyurethane, 650cps

  • TC808
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    TC808 Fast Set Rigid Polyurethane

    TC808 Polyurethane Resin is a low viscosity, rapid setting, and rigid urethane compound Recommended for: Model Kits, Small parts, Props, Thermoplastic FeelPotlife & Demould: Work time - 1.5 mins / Demould time - 10-20 minsHardness & Type: Shore D78 +/-2 Rigid Polyurethane, 250cps

  • SR-FOAM 135
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  • Rotothane Fast Set Polyurethane Resin
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  • S-FOAM 50 Flex Foam Polyurethane Resin
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    S-FOAM 50 Flex Foam Polyurethane Resin

    S-FOAM50 is a two component soft flexible foam specifically developed for low density mouldings. S-FOAM50 is ideal for puppets, soft parts, backing up latex and PU elastomer and most SFX applications. Higher densities can be achieved in a closed or restricted mould.

  • SC92 Single Component Coating
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    SC92 Single Component Coating

    SC-92 Single Component Coating is a water-based, aliphatic polyurethane coating designed to provide a final finish or paintable surface for various flexible polyurethane foams, elastomers, and latex products. It can also be used as an in-mold coating for casting or brushing polyurethane products behind.

  • BR75D Rigid Polyurethane
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