Steel Wool 500gm Expand

Steel Wool 500gm

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Steel Wool may be used to abrade the surface of cold cast parts to expose the metal particles within the casting system selected. For example, Bronze Metal powder cast in a Polyurethane resin will require the surface to abraded in order to expose the metal particles. Post de-mould the exposed metal may be treated with a Patina, or a wax or sealant may be applied. Steel Wool is suitable for most surfaces including steel, timber, porcelain and glass. Ideal for planters, plumbers, workshops, tilers, and cleaning and industrial suppliers.

  • Grade 1 Medium Course Steel Wool is a harsher grade for polishing harder, more durable cold cast metal and resin products.
  • Grade 000 Extra Fine has a gentle abrasiveness ideal for buffing, cleaning and polishing delicate surfaces.
  • Grade 0000 Super Fine also has a gentle abrasiveness for final finishes - ideal for french polishing, cleaning glass, tiles and marble. To be used last from the Steel Wool grades.
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