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Resin Mould Wax 50gm

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A high production paste wax mold release with excellent breakdown characteristics for fast, even coverage. A firm carnauba based mold release paste wax blended with other synthetic waxes for use in various thermo-set composite molding applications. Can be used in conjunction with PVA Release.


  • High carnauba wax content polishes to high gloss without streaking
  • Good heat and chemical resistance properties
  • Easy application and wipe off characteristics
  • Reduced wax build up and styrene accumulation


  • Dry Time: 5-10 [email protected] 72°F. Varies depending on working temperature
  • Specific Gravity: .80-.82 (approx. 6.75lbs./Gal)
  • Wax Melting or Softening Point: 185 - 200°F (85 - 93°C)
  • Color: Off-white


  • As a release agent for composite molding on all FRP tooling, metal and other hard surface molds.
  • Open mold hand or spray lay up
  • Resin Transfer/injection (RTM) & (RIM)
  • Vacuum bag and compression molding
  • Polyester & epoxy resins
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