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Moulding materials ranging from Fibreglass, Forton, Plasters. We also have a vast range of Silicone Rubbers that you can use for your mould making, otherwise we also have some Ready to use moulds.

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  • 6mm Chopped Strands
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    Chopped Strands 6mm

    These longer strands are produced from our gun roving on site and are great for heavier putties.  They are most commonly used for hand layups with FMG and are very easy to use.  Non-alkali resistant fiberglass.

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  • AF251 metres 195g - 5.8oz
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    AF251 195g - 5.8oz

    195gm plain weave cloth.  This is an open weave and medium weight cloth ideal for general polyester and epoxy layups requiring good strength.  Works exceptionally well with FMG.

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  • M4503/T35 Condensation Cured Silicone Rubber
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    M4503/T35 Condensation Silicone Rubber

    M4503 is especially suitable for reproducing models with pronounced undercuts in casting resins. Other materials, such as wax and plaster, may be cast without any problems in moulds made from M4503. Recommended for: General Moulding, Large Parts, Plaster & Resin Potlife & Demould: Work time - 90 mins / Demould time - 24 hrsHardness & Type:...

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  • Bodywrap Plaster Bandage Roll
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    Bodywrap Plaster Bandage Roll

    Bodywrap bandages 3inch rolls are ideal for rigid case over alginate life casts or as a fast case mould over flexible moulding materials. Great for use in projects involving faces, heads and torsos

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  • Gypsona Bandage 6 inch Roll
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    Gypsona Bandage 6 inch Roll

    Ideal for rigid case over alginate life casts or as a fast case mould over flexible moulding materials.

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  • Rubber Bands (x2)
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  • Dental Tray - Small
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    Dental Tray

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  • FGR-95
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    FGR-95 is a long set time alpha plaster (gypsum) design for use with fiberglass reinforcement. It allows the manufacture of large and intricate architectural elements for indoor applications at relatively low cost and ease of processing. This system is also great for case moulds or mother moulds when FMG (Forton Modified Gypsum) is not required.

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  • Transil
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    Transil - Translucent Silicone Rubber

    Transil is a two-component, addition curing, low viscosity silicone designed for taking very fast impressions.  Recommended for: Fast Moulds, Small Moulds, Tinted Parts, Fine DetailsPotlife & Demould: Work time - 6 mins / Demould time - 30 minsHardness & Type:  Shore A20 +/-2 Silicone Elastomer, 2500cps

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  • Platsil Gel-10 Platsil Gel-10
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  • T47 Catalyst
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    T47 Catalyst

    Extra Catalyst for T47.

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  • T37 Catalyst
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    T37 Catalyst

    T37 Catalyst is a Catalyst to be used with M4470

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  • T35 Catalyst
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    T35 Catalyst

    T35 Catalyst is a Catalyst to be used with M4503

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  • E43 - RTV1 98gm
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    E43 - RTV1

    E43 is a transparent, self-leveling, one-component, acetic cure silicone with very good mechanical properties. Excellent primerless adhesion properties.

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  • E41 - RTV1 93gm
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    E41 - RTV1

    E41 is a transparent, flowable, self levelling, one component, acetic cure silicone with excellent mechanical and adhesion properties, it does not require a primer. It will adhere to silicone, glass and metal. It will not adhere to polyethylene or polypropylene type plastics.

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  • Thixotropic M
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    Thixotropic M

    A colorless, cloudy medium viscosity liquid with a faint odor.  Exclusively used to thicken those condensation curing RTV-2 silicone rubber grades of the elastosil M45 series which are flowable as supplied. This is not compatible with M4503.

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  • C1200A/B BluE C1200A/B BluE
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    C1200 A/B Dispensable silicone rubber

    C1200 has been specifically developed for the professional production of reusable vacuum bags, used in the production of composite parts.  Recommended for: Vacuum Bagging, Brush Moulds, Resin ResistancePotlife & Demould: Work time - 20 mins / Demould time - 1-2 hrsHardness & Type:  Shore A25 +/-2 Silicone Elastomer, Brush on

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  • Stabilizer 43
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    Stabilizer 43

    A colourless, cloudy medium viscosity liquid with a faint odour. Exclusively used to thicken those addition curing RTV-2 silicone rubber grades of the Elastosil M46.. Series which are flowable as supplied

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  • G790 Primer 100gms
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    G790 Primer

    This primer is mainly recommended for addition curing RTV-2 rubbers. Primer G790, undiluted: If the primer is applied undiluted, it is advisable to subsequently heat-treat the substrate. 

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  • A07 88g Tube
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    Elastosil A07 Tube, Solvent Based RTV-1 Silicone Dispersion

    ELASTOSIL┬« A07 is a free flowable,  solvent-based RTV-1 silicone dispersion. It cures at room temperature or elevated temperature by reaction with air humidity to a flexible silicone coating. During cure it splits off an organic amine.   Special features  - ready-to-use, one-component system- low viscosity- low module- solvent bourne- excellent primerless...

  • Silicone Diluent
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    Silicone Diluent

    A non-reactive fluid used as a dilutant. When used in small amounts of up to 10% it allows for retention of physical properties while reducing the viscosity of the total system. Used with silicones like SOFT TRANS of amounts up to 30%, it will allow for the production of floppy 'skin-like' material.

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  • Silicone Pigments 50gm Silicone Pigments 50gm
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    Silicone Pigments 50gm

    Silicone Pigments are suitable for coloring addition and condensation cure RTV silicones.  Can also be used to colour your silicone catalyst for easier mixing.

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  • M4470/T37 Silicone Rubber
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    M4470/T37 Silicone Rubber

    Elastosil M 4470 is a 60 duro RTV-2 silicone rubber. This condensation-curing silicone vulcanizes at room temperature with the addition of either of two catalysts.

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