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JA6 Lead Free Metal Casting Alloy Stick $/kg

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JA6 lead free pewter has a bright silver colour. It is suitable for giftware, goblets and also for finer pieces of jewellery such as rings and delicate buckles. The casting range is 275-330°C. Approximate average content: Antimony 5-10% Copper 0-2% plus Tin.

For white metal casting JA6 Lead Free Metal Casting Alloy Stick cast into high temperature Casting Silicone M4470 and M4670.

Casting Range: 275 - 330°C
Tin: Major
Antimony: 5-10%
Copper: 0-2%

Please Note: While melting alloy metals is a simple process, it should never be attempted without suitable protective safety equipment such as goggles and heat proof gloves. It is not something that children should ever attempt without very adequate adult supervison.
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