VF774 GRC Polymer Expand

VF774 GRC Polymer

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Forton® VF-774 is an all acrylic, co-polymer dispersion (51% solids) specifically formulated for the GFRC production process. VF-774 is UV stable. It is further formulated to be stable and durable in the high pH Portland cement-based GFRC composite


The Primary Benefits of Using Forton® VF-774 are:

Elimination of the seven day wet cure required to achieve the maximum strengths of the GFRC composite.

• Significant improvements in the long-term durability of the GFRC composite, especially the maintenance of the long-term flexural strain to failure property, i.e. ductility of the composite.

Other Advantages to Using Forton® VF-774:

Improved workability of the mix at low water/cement ratios, further enhancing the strength of the cured cement matrix.

Easy spraying of vertical surfaces without having the face mix sag.

Complete dispersion of iron oxide pigments for batch-to-batch color consistency of face mixes.

UV stability of the Forton® polymer means architectural finishes maintain their “as produced” colors.

Hard cured face mixes for better sand blasting uniformity.

Tighter, denser cured product, which reduces absolute moisture absorption and vapor permeability while at the same time significantly reducing the rate of absorption as a function of time.

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