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Clariti - Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin

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CLARITI is a two part, low viscosity, ultra-clear epoxy resin used in casting and potting applications where an exceptionally ultra-clear resin is required. CLARITI exhibits excellent air release properties & its higher cured hardness allows it to be ground and polished. It is ideal for use in casting objects such as jewellery, decorative tableware, ornaments & lenses. CLARITI has a convenient 2:1 by volume mix ratio.

Recommended for: Small casts, Jewellery, Small Homewares, Knife Handles, Pen Blanks, Coasters, Ornaments, Potting
Potlife & Demould: 100gm @ 25*C 25-35 minutes / 12-18 hours
Hardness & Type: Shore 89D

Product Highlights
- Exceptionally Clear formula
- Fantastic clarity
- Displays excellent adhesion to other substrates and cohesion on multiple layers
- Low viscosity enabling good fluidity and de-airing properties
- Easily tinted with a vast range of compatible colourants
- Convenient 2:1 ratio by Volume
- High Hardness allows for machining and drilling of the final parts.

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