Condensation Cured Silicone

Condensation Cured Silicone

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Condensation Cure Silicone Rubbers

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  • Tinsil 70-25
    Tinsil 70-25


  • Tinsil Gel-10 Silicone Rubber
  • Sil-Thix
    Sil-Thix Silicone Thickener

    Sil-Thix is a unique thickener for most Silicone Mould Making Rubbers. It can be used with both Condensation and Addition Curing Systems. We recommend a maximum of 3% in Addition Cure Grades and 5% in Condensation Cure Grades. Sil-Thix CANNOT be used in M4503 or Ultrasil. We recommend a test for any non Barnes Systems.

  • Tufsil 28 Condensation Cured Silicone Rubber 20.8kg
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    Tufsil 28 Condensation Cured Silicone Rubber 20.8kg

    Pourable, condensation-curing, two component silicone rubber that cures at room temperature. Recommended for: Economical Moulding, Concrete, Plaster, ResinPotlife & Demould: Work time - 15 mins / Demould time - 6-24 hrsHardness & Type:  Shore A28 +/-2 Silicone Elastomer, 30000cps

  • M4470/T37 Silicone Rubber
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    M4470/T37 Silicone Rubber

    Elastosil M 4470 is a 60 duro RTV-2 silicone rubber. This condensation-curing silicone vulcanizes at room temperature with the addition of either of two catalysts.

  • A07 88g Tube
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    Elastosil A07 Tube, Solvent Based RTV-1 Silicone Dispersion

    ELASTOSIL® A07 is a free flowable,  solvent-based RTV-1 silicone dispersion. It cures at room temperature or elevated temperature by reaction with air humidity to a flexible silicone coating. During cure it splits off an organic amine.   Special features  - ready-to-use, one-component system- low viscosity- low module- solvent bourne- excellent primerless...

  • T35 Catalyst
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    T35 Catalyst

    T35 Catalyst is a Catalyst to be used with M4503

  • T37 Catalyst
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    T37 Catalyst

    T37 Catalyst is a Catalyst to be used with M4470

  • T47 Catalyst
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    T47 Catalyst

    Extra Catalyst for T47.

  • M4503/T35 Condensation Cured Silicone Rubber
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    M4503/T35 Condensation Silicone Rubber

    M4503 is especially suitable for reproducing models with pronounced undercuts in casting resins. Other materials, such as wax and plaster, may be cast without any problems in moulds made from M4503. Recommended for: General Moulding, Large Parts, Plaster & Resin Potlife & Demould: Work time - 90 mins / Demould time - 24 hrsHardness & Type:...

  • TinSil 70-25 Catalyst