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WC786 Rigid Water Clear Polyurethane

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WC-786 A/B produces a high impact, rigid, 80 Shore D material that is commonly used to make clear or tinted castings of all kinds.

Recommended for: Lenses, Models, Tinted Parts, Lures, Impact Parts
Potlife & Demould: Work time - 30 mins / Demould time - 6-8 hrs
Hardness & Type: Shore D80 +/-2 Rigid Polyurethane, 600cps

When used at room temperature castings 1/8" thick or larger can be readily cast. Castings that are less than 1/8" thick generally require pre-warming of materials, molds, and mild post-cure. Easy 1:1 by volume mix ratio for machine casting. Product highlights include: exceptional clarity, very high impact rigid material, 30-minute standard working time with six additional work speeds available, no odor, UV light and oxidation resistance, good weatherability, and non-yellowing.

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