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Large range of Casting supplies. Alloys through to resins and pigments. Epoxycast, Epoxyglass in stock. Readily available to order online and ship Australia wide. 

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  • D-Limonene
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    A biodegradable solvent occurring in nature as the main component of citrus peel oil. It has a pleasant citrus aroma and has a FDA-GRAS rating (is generally recognized as safe).. Replacement for toxic solvents. Can be used to thin KE45T. bfvvcxcxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Safety Gloves Large 100/bx
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    Safety Gloves 100/bx

    Excellent replacement for latex - No latex protein - Provides excellent strength and durability Enhanced feel and comfort for better donning & use

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  • White Hydrocal
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    White Hydrocal

    White Hydrocal is a gypsum product used for slip latex moulds and case moulds. Offers slightly better heat resistance than pottery plaster with higher wet and dry strengths.

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  • Hydrostone TB 22.5kg
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    Hydrostone TB

    Hydrostone TB is one of the hardest and strongest gypsum cements. Slightly higher setting expansion than hydrocal, but is ideal in case moulds, press and stretch dies. The most widely used product for solid casts and statuary.

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  • Hydrocal 105
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    Hydrocal 105

    Hydrocal 105 is a good strong mould material. Commonly known as buff stone, an off colored stone ideal for sculpting prosthetics. For dental stones with controlled expansion

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  • Industrial Talc
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    Industrial Talc

    A budget priced filler for reducing cost and exotherm in resins. Also used as a surface tension release agent on silicone moulds and as a surface protectant when using high temp silicones

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  • Easycast Clear Polyurethane Resin
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  • Dental Separator
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    Dental Separator

    Water based dental separator. Used in dental acrylic processes and for floating off multiple appliance sculptures when sculpting on plaster and white hydrocal.

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  • Gloves (100/box) - LARGE
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    Gloves (100/box)

    Disposable and non sterile medical grade latex gloves. Made from natural latex formulation that reduces skin irritation. Anatomically accurate design fits your hands for excellent tactile sensitivity and high dexterity. Odourless - no lingering odour after use. More durable than vinyl gloves.

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  • PVA Release
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    PVA Release

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  • Pure Lube Mould Soap
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  • J-Wax
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  • Flexi-Coat Release
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  • Challenge 95
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  • 2 White Bristle Brush"
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    White Bristle Brush

    Ideal for brushing latex, plaster, stone, paint, release agents etc. They are uncoated paint brushes which are also suitable for applying polyester resin.

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  • Mixing Tubs 1ltr
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    Mixing Tubs

    Used to mix silicone or resin.

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  • Forton MG
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    Forton MG

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  • Budget Dispenser
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    Budget Dispenser 500ml

    A cheaper version of the Swedtool type system used for measuring out MEKP catalyst.

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  • Ring Tube Carving Wax - Small Flat
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    Ring Tube Carving Wax

    Wax Ring Tubes are ideal for jewellery designers.  Use the wax ring tube to carve your original design, which can then be moulded with any of Barnes' silicones for later casting.

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  • Pinata 14ml Pinata 14ml
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  • Easycast Polyurethane Resin
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  • Casting Plaster 5kg
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    Casting Plaster

    Regular casting plaster used for quick casts into alginate or latex moulds.

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  • WC782
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    WC782 Rigid Water Clear Polyurethane

    WC-782 A/B is an impact resistant, rigid, 82 Shore D material that is commonly used to make clear or tinted castings of all kind. Recommended for: Lenses, Models, Tinted Parts,  Lures, Impact PartsPotlife & Demould: Work time - 15 mins / Demould time - 6-8 hrsHardness & Type: Shore D82 +/-2 Rigid Polyurethane, 650cps

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  • Q-Cel 520
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    Q-Cel 520

    Q-Cel 520 is a hollow glass micro-balloon which can be mixed with just about any resin. Q-Cel will make the resin lightweight and buoyant, ideal for fishing lure making and can also be used with polyester resin and talc for custom body filler type blends. Caution should be taken when using this material as it can be hazardous to breath.

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