Homeless Still Human

Twice scale sculpture of a homeless man, exhibited at National Trust S.H Ervin Gallery 2015 Salon Des Refuses.

Creature NFX Workshop has been serving the film and television Industry since 1987. That’s decades of experience in this business. Often companies combine the amount of years worked by each employee (which can often be only a few) to give the illusion of more time and experience.

As the old saying goes, experienced shows. Creature NFX Workshop guarantee quality workmanship, undeniable experience and reliability that you’ll get the best job without undue concern to the client.

We also display pictures of work we have entirely produced ourselves in our own workshop. This may sound like an odd point to make, but some companies promote work that they have performed only very small parts of, and give the impression they had done the entire job themselves. So confident we are of our work, we don’t need to fool potential clients.

Creature NFX workshop was founded on a passion for modelmaking and animatronics, and that dedication to the industry still runs true. We don’t need to overcompensate jobs to generate more income. We keep things simple and honest and proud of all our achievements.

Article reposted with permission from Creature NFX