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Lauren Kirkham of Bueshang’s Creations



Lauren is the artist behind Bueshang’s Creations (pronounced Boo-shang), a studio that 
manufactures and sells high quality, hand crafted unique masks that are both functionally wearable 
but also a piece of unique art by themselves. Based in Melbourne her current range is based 
around natural curiosities with a heavy influence on skulls of different animals

Lauren uses a selection of Barnes products to create these pieces, 
from Pinkysil for the moulding to casting the masks in Easycast.

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Your creations conjure thoughts of extinct giants like the Diprotodon
or Sabre Tooth Tiger. Do you draw prehistoric imagery for inspiration?

A little, I would like to go more in that direction in the future but at the moment
I'm drawing from imagery of cabinet of curiosities and other scientific pieces.

Do you start with a freehand draw or digital file or do you sculpt straight
from your imagination?

Yes, I freehand draw all my designs using a combination of reference material and just seeing
what would look good on the human head. While I sculpt I also like having an actual skull handy
to get the details and nuances correct

What clay or sculptural medium are you using in these pieces?
I'm currently using just plain old plasticine on a plaster armature head but I do also use Monster Clay
and Super Sculpey.

Looks like you're using Pinkysil & C1200. What are your other go to products when making your moulds?

I generally use Pinkysil to get the details, then a thicker coat of C1200 for my moulds with a mother mould
of Trowel-on.

And you make your cast with?

Easycast all the way!
I've tried and few different products before and found that Easycast was just all round easier to use
and cheaper. It's also so much easier when you can just pop down to your local store and pick it up
instead of ordering online.

There is a great blend of technical and creative excellence in your work. Where did you
learn/study, or is there a teacher or mentor you'd like to mention?

Mainly self-taught through a combination of internet research, pestering people
with questions and lots of trial and error.