Addition Cured Silicone

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A great range of addition curing silicones. Make sure you read the technical data sheet before using new products. Note: several of these silicones require the use of digital scales for accurate measuring.

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  • Transil
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    Transil - Translucent Silicone Rubber

    Transil is a two-component, addition curing, low viscosity silicone designed for taking very fast impressions.  Recommended for: Fast Moulds, Small Moulds, Tinted Parts, Fine DetailsPotlife & Demould: Work time - 6 mins / Demould time - 30 minsHardness & Type:  Shore A20 +/-2 Silicone Elastomer, 2500cps

  • Sil-Thix
    Sil-Thix Silicone Thickener

    Sil-Thix is a unique thickener for most Silicone Mould Making Rubbers. It can be used with both Condensation and Addition Curing Systems. We recommend a maximum of 3% in Addition Cure Grades and 5% in Condensation Cure Grades. Sil-Thix CANNOT be used in M4503 or Ultrasil. We recommend a test for any non Barnes Systems.

  • PLATSIL 71-11
    Product available with different options
    PLATSIL 71-11

    Replacement for Banana Skin