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  • 1000 Costume & Cosplay Ideas
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    1000 Costume & Cosplay Ideas

    1,000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay Ideas provides a broad and detailed glimpse into the ingenious artistry and attention to detail behind some of the most fabulous costumes you can find

  • 1000 Steampunk creations
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    1000 Steampunk creations

    Steampunk is a burgeoning counter-cultural movement; a genre, community, and artform. The Steampunk movement seeks to recapture the spirit of invention, adventure, and craftsmanship reminiscent of early-nineteenth-century industrialization, in part to restore a sense of wonder to a technology-jaded world.

  • 8 Animal Armature Set
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    8 inch Animal Armature Set

    Made from non-corrosive, lightweight, pliable aluminium wire.

  • A Complete Guide to SFX Makeup
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    A Complete Guide to SFX Makeup

    Acclaimed as the best book ever published on the subject, A Complete Guide to Special Effects Makeupcovers everything from basic facial makeup styles, simple scars and gashes, to masks, molds and cast-making; everything you need to know to create vampires, zombies and other fantastical characters. 

  • Advance Art of Stop Motion Animation
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    Advance Art of Stop Motion Animation

    Take an in-depth look at the art and techniques of stop-motion animation. The Advanced Art of Stop-Motion Animation helps experienced stop-motion artists enhance their craft by exploring the professional methods and advanced technology used by top film studios today

  • 12 Armature Replacement
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    Armature Replacement

    Made from non-corrosive, lightweight, pliable aluminium wire.

  • 12 Armature/Base/Backiron
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    Armature Sets Base & Backiron

    Made from non-corrosive, lightweight, pliable aluminium wire.

  • Babes, Beast & Brawn Sculpture
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    Babes, Beast & Brawn Sculpture

    The art of action figures has exploded in recent times, as the simplistic, inelegant pieces of yesterday's plastic have transformed into complex, dynamic pieces of articulate sculpture, reaching levels of artistic expression unthinkable just a few years ago. 

  • Backiron for Removable Armatures
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    Backiron for Removable Armatures

    This adjustable standalone steel backiron can be used in conjunction with Removable Figure Armatures or an armature of your own design.

  • Behind The Mask
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    Behind The Mask

    Soft bound with 127 pages. A celebration of the monster make-up and special effects seen through the work of Hollywood artists: Dick Smith, Rick Baker, Stan Winston, Rob Bottin, Steve Johnson and more.

  • Coiling Rod Copper 6 x 300mm
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    Coiling Rod Copper 6 x 300mm

    Wire Form Soft Metal Rods Tubes of six 12" copper, aluminium or brass metal rods for use as craft armatures or to accent jewellery, scrapbooks and other craft projects.

  • Colour , Texture & Casting for Jewellers
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    Colour , Texture & Casting for Jewellers

    In Color, Texture & Casting, jewelry teacher extraordinaire Carles Codina covers a wide swath of techniques in depth, in a book packed with excellent instruction and cover-to-cover superb how-to photography

  • Cosplay World - Brian Ashcraft
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    Cosplay World - Brian Ashcraft

    Filled with striking images of costume play from around the world, this definitive look at the global phenomenon known as “cosplay” examines its evolution from the fringes of society to the spotlight of modern culture.

  • Creating Lifelike Figures PC
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    Creating Lifelike Figures Polymer Clay

    Katherine Dewey's expressive and elegant detailed sculptures enchant all who see them. With the magical medium of polymer clay and this book, you can follow in her footsteps.

  • Dental Separator
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    Dental Separator

    Water based dental separator. Used in dental acrylic processes and for floating off multiple appliance sculptures when sculpting on plaster and white hydrocal.

  • Extreme Costume Makeup

    World-renowned special effects artists Brian and Nick Wolfe will teach you how to transform everyday faces into an army of ghastly personas--from raging fire demons and disfigured zombies, to blood-spattered vampires and otherworldly aliens--with simple face-painting techniques.

  • Fairies, Gnomes & Trolls in PC
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    Fairies, Gnomes & Trolls in Polymer Clay

    Create an idyllic, polymer-clay world filled with fairies, playful sprites, clever gnomes and elves, wise wizards and misunderstood trolls. Whether you are new to polymer clay, or looking to improve your skills, Fairies, Gnomes and Trolls offers everything you need to unlock the characters in your imagination and bring the magic of the fairy to life

  • Girls In Resin - Joe Laudati
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    Girls In Resin - Joe Laudati

    A compilation of female figure models sculpted by figurine-artist Joe Laudati for the 'garage kit' industry. 84 full-color pages covering over twenty years worth of 'resin' plastic women, sexy vampires, fairies, scream queens, pinups, comic book and movie heroines, with anecdotes of their creation. Softbound

  • Glassfibre Handbook
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    Glassfibre Handbook

    Soft bound with 160 pages, this book shows practical descriptions on how-to-do hand lay-up methods producing glassfiber laminates and mouldings and use in casting methods. This book is a practical guide with each chapter providing complete detail on the subject in question.

  • Grande Illusions Books 1 & 2
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    Grande Illusions Books 1 & 2

    Legendary special make-up effects artist, Tom Savini's books, Grande Illusions and Grande Illusions II, have been entertaining readers and educating the next generation of artists for decades

  • Life Size Head Armature
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    Head Armature

    Made from non-corrosive, lightweight, pliable aluminium wire.

  • Hollywood Makeup Lab - NOGUEIRA
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    Hollywood Makeup Lab - NOGUEIRA

    Have you ever been to a movie and wondered how in the world makeup artists make the characters look so vivid and magnificent? For special effects makeup guru Bruna Nogueira, it's all in a day's work.

  • Materials & Methods of Sculpture
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    Materials & Methods of Sculpture

    A complete reference of materials and methods that has become a standard reference book. 380 pages, soft bound.

  • Model & Sculpt Human Figure
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    Model & Sculpt Human Figure

    This classic book by Rodin's teacher covers modeling the human head and figure. 159 pages, 309 illustrations, soft bound.