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  • Large Disp. Overalls
    Disposable Overalls

    lightweight breathable disposable protective clothing

    $16.20 $19.06 -15%
  • DM2000 Valved Mask
    DM2000 Valved Mask

    P2 Respirators may be used for mechanically & thermally generated particulates:• dusts e.g. silica and coal• mists, fumes, smoke e.g. lead & welding fumes + bushfire smoke

    $2.31 $2.89 -20%
  • Dust Mask (50/box)
    Dust Mask (50/box)

    Suitable for household non-toxic dusts, made to be lightweight and comfortable with a metal nose-piece for a better face-seal. 

    $18.48 $23.10 -20%
  • Filter A1 - Organic Vapours
    Filter A1 - Organic Vapours

    A1 Filters protect against organic gases and vapours. Filters are specially designed and shaped to give "swept-back" position to enable excellent field of vision and balance.

    $16.63 $18.48 -10%
  • Filter P2 - Dust, Mists, Fumes
    Filter P2 - Dust, Mists, Fumes

    P2 particulate filter that can be used in industries where excess levels of particulates are present in the workplace atmosphere

    $16.63 $18.48 -10%
  • Gloves (100/box) - LARGE
    Gloves (100/box)

    Disposable and non sterile medical grade latex gloves. Made from natural latex formulation that reduces skin irritation. Anatomically accurate design fits your hands for excellent tactile sensitivity and high dexterity. Odourless - no lingering odour after use. More durable than vinyl gloves.

    $12.62 $14.85 -15%
  • Gloves (5 x Pr) - LARGE
    Gloves (5 x Pair)

    Our gloves have superior puncture and chemical resistance. They have a textured finish making it easy to pick up items. They comfortable to wear, and fit either hand. Also available in boxes of 100 gloves 

    $1.88 $2.35 -20%
  • Protective Cream 170gm

    A great little can to keep on your bench or in your toolbox. This is a barrier spray with Lanolin, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera. It is non-greasy, non-toxic skin protection that nourishes and protects.

  • Safety Gloves Large 100/bx
    Safety Gloves 100/bx

    Excellent replacement for latex - No latex protein - Provides excellent strength and durability Enhanced feel and comfort for better donning & use

    $9.35 $11.00 -15%
  • Small Safety Goggles
    Small Safety Goggles

    Small Safety Goggles helps in protection of eyes from dust particles, hazardous fumes and even liquid.

    $3.52 $4.40 -20%