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  • Drop Sheet Plastic
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    Drop Sheet Plastic

    A Plastic Drop Sheet to cover and protect your valuables.

  • Syringe 5ml
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    Syringe 5ml

    Syringes - for measuring small amounts of resin or MEKP.

  • Plastic Putty Knife 2 inch
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    Plastic Putty Knife 2 inch

    Plastic Putty Knives are the perfect tool for successfully mixing urethane or silicone in large volumes. Flat blade helps scrape all material from the sides on mixing tubs. Easy to clean off and re-use.

  • 30ml Measuring Cup
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    Measuring Cup 30ml

    Measuring Cup can be used to measure up your silicones or resins. We have them in 30ml and 60ml

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  • Gloves (5 x Pr) - LARGE
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    Gloves (5 x Pair)

    Our gloves have superior puncture and chemical resistance. They have a textured finish making it easy to pick up items. They comfortable to wear, and fit either hand. Also available in boxes of 100 gloves 

    from $2.35
  • Small Safety Goggles
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    Small Safety Goggles

    Small Safety Goggles helps in protection of eyes from dust particles, hazardous fumes and even liquid.

  • Syringe 5ml
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    Syringe 20ml

    Syringes - for measuring small amounts of resin or MEKP.

  • Tongue Depressors (x100)
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    Tongue Depressors

    Wooden tongue depressors allow for mixing of resins, silicones.

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  • Syringe 50ml
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    Syringe 50ml

    Syringes - for measuring small amounts of resin or MEKP.

  • Icypole Sticks
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    Icypole Sticks

    Icy pole sticks for mixing resins, not recommended for silicone or viscous materials.

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  • Disposable Aprons
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    Disposable Apron

    A cheap and economical apron ideal for single use applications. Made from LDPE these aprons are white and are a full size bib style measuring 71cm x 117cm.

  • Mixing Tubs 1ltr
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    Mixing Tubs

    Used to mix silicone or resin.

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  • 600ml Graduated Beaker
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    Graduated Beaker

    The beaker has a pouring spout and molded permanent graduation markings. These beakers have good chemical resistance.

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  • Plastic Cups 215ml
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    Plastic Cups

    Plastic Cups. Cheap and effective cups that you can use to measure out your Part A and Part B liquids.

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  • 2 White Bristle Brush"
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    White Bristle Brush

    Ideal for brushing latex, plaster, stone, paint, release agents etc. They are uncoated paint brushes which are also suitable for applying polyester resin.

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