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  • Airbrushing Made Easy

    Airbrushing made easy. This step by step DVD is a must for all beginners with tricks, tips and techniques to help become a pro, complete with printable reference. Covers setting up equipment, airbrush control, masking, freehand, cleaning and maintenance and more. Disc 1 is a DVD to view all tutorials, Disc 2 is a CD Rom for printing references.

  • Behind The Mask

    Soft bound with 127 pages. A celebration of the monster make-up and special effects seen through the work of Hollywood artists: Dick Smith, Rick Baker, Stan Winston, Rob Bottin, Steve Johnson and more.

  • Cold Patina for Non Ferrous

    All cold patina techniques! Includes buried, wrapped, fumed, and paste patina plus pigments, oxides, carbonates, and mica powders. Learn how to apply over 15 traditional through exotic patinas. Begins with safety, tools, and base patinas all the way through to protective coatings and waxes. 75 minutes.

  • Colouring & Patination Metals

    "Colouring and Patination Metals" is the result of an extensive research program carried out by the authors at Camberwell College of Arts. It?s 372 pages show 275 illustrations of which 220 are in colour. This book contains detailed information on workshop methods, potential problems encountered, detailed recipes and the safety procedures required. This...

  • Creating Lifelike Figures PC

    Katherine Dewey's expressive and elegant detailed sculptures enchant all who see them. With the magical medium of polymer clay and this book, you can follow in her footsteps.

  • Fairies, Gnomes & Trolls in PC

    Create an idyllic, polymer-clay world filled with fairies, playful sprites, clever gnomes and elves, wise wizards and misunderstood trolls. Whether you are new to polymer clay, or looking to improve your skills, Fairies, Gnomes and Trolls offers everything you need to unlock the characters in your imagination and bring the magic of the fairy to life

  • Figure in Motion

    A visual reference for the artist, with photographs by Mark Smith of the nude male, female figures and groups. 176 pages, 200 black and white photographs. Soft bound.

  • Figure Sculpting Volume 1

    In their third book on modeling techniques in clay Philippe and Charisse Faraut present a comprehensive approach to the complex subject of the human figure

  • Figure Sculpting Wax & Plaster

    Soft bound with 174 pages. In this superbly detailed and well illustrated text, you will find the information needed to start the basic procedures of working with wax and plaster. Covers everything from analyzing the human figure, to capturing proportion and gesture. Great text on modeling with both wax and plaster and also covers mouldmaking.

  • Foam Latex 911

    Soft bound with 61 pages. Trouble-shooting for foam latex this is Donna's second book for beginners and experienced foam latex users.

  • Foam Latex Ovens

    Everything you need to know about building a customized, temporary or permanent chop oven. Clear, easy to follow directions make it possible for you to build exactly the oven you want. Industry experts Dick Smith, Gil Mosko, Donna Drexler and other describe how they bake foam and what they expect in an oven. Soft bound with 80 pages.

  • Foam Latex Survival

    If you're having trouble with foam latex or would just like some help getting started, then this is the booklet for you. Foam can be tricky, even for the seasoned pros. This publication is packed full of helpful hints to get you through those rough moments. Fully illustrated, soft bound.

  • Glassfibre Handbook

    Soft bound with 160 pages, this book shows practical descriptions on how-to-do hand lay-up methods producing glassfiber laminates and mouldings and use in casting methods. This book is a practical guide with each chapter providing complete detail on the subject in question.

  • Hot Patina for Non Ferrous

    Go step by step through the hot patina process and the patinas. Begin with safety, tools, alloy of metal, and surface preparation. Then learn how to make and apply over 15 different hot patinas and how to protect them indoors and out. Included is information on how to use paint, dye, pigment, oxides, and mica powders in combination to achieve varied...

  • Instructional DVD Hot Wire Foam Factory

    This 17 chapter 85 fun filled foam minute instructional DVD shows you all the basics you need to get started immediately and make just about any shape imaginable out of polystyrene foam with Hot Wire Foam Factory tools. From precise architectural shapes, to freeform miniatures, to huge shapes. The best techniques for painting and gluing, plus tons of...

  • Jewellers Decorative Directory

    An indispensable reference for jewelers, designers, students, and anyone working with base and precious matals, this is a complete guide to the tools, materials, and techniques for creating beautifully decorative finishes for jewelry

  • Lost Wax Casting, Old/New Meth

    Soft bound with 214 pages. A user friendly instruction manual with step-by-step reference through the casting process. It includes sections on casting problems, metals and alloys, and homemade equipment. Contains over 70 drawings, photographs and tables illustrating the techniques being described. Emphasis is on an approach that can be tailored to every...

  • Make-Up Hot Spot DVD Set

    Award winning Hollywood makeup artist John Goodwin shows how to master the lab work and application of more than twenty different characters over 6 CDs including Frankenstein, Zombies, Teen Wolf, Macbeth's Head and Cavemen.

  • Mastering Portraiture

    Internationally renowned sculptor Philippe Faraut expands upon his first book (Portrait Sculpting: Anatomy and Expressions in Clay), modelling the human face in water-based clay