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  • 1000 Costume & Cosplay Ideas
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    1000 Costume & Cosplay Ideas

    1,000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay Ideas provides a broad and detailed glimpse into the ingenious artistry and attention to detail behind some of the most fabulous costumes you can find

  • Airbrushing Made Easy
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    Airbrushing Made Easy

    Airbrushing made easy. This step by step DVD is a must for all beginners with tricks, tips and techniques to help become a pro, complete with printable reference. Covers setting up equipment, airbrush control, masking, freehand, cleaning and maintenance and more. Disc 1 is a DVD to view all tutorials, Disc 2 is a CD Rom for printing references.

  • Babes, Beast & Brawn Sculpture
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    Babes, Beast & Brawn Sculpture

    The art of action figures has exploded in recent times, as the simplistic, inelegant pieces of yesterday's plastic have transformed into complex, dynamic pieces of articulate sculpture, reaching levels of artistic expression unthinkable just a few years ago. 

  • Behind The Mask
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    Behind The Mask

    Soft bound with 127 pages. A celebration of the monster make-up and special effects seen through the work of Hollywood artists: Dick Smith, Rick Baker, Stan Winston, Rob Bottin, Steve Johnson and more.

  • Cold Patina for Non Ferrous
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    Cold Patina for Non Ferrous

    All cold patina techniques! Includes buried, wrapped, fumed, and paste patina plus pigments, oxides, carbonates, and mica powders. Learn how to apply over 15 traditional through exotic patinas. Begins with safety, tools, and base patinas all the way through to protective coatings and waxes. 75 minutes.

  • Colour , Texture & Casting for Jewellers
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    Colour , Texture & Casting for Jewellers

    In Color, Texture & Casting, jewelry teacher extraordinaire Carles Codina covers a wide swath of techniques in depth, in a book packed with excellent instruction and cover-to-cover superb how-to photography

  • Cosplay World - Brian Ashcraft
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    Cosplay World - Brian Ashcraft

    Filled with striking images of costume play from around the world, this definitive look at the global phenomenon known as “cosplay” examines its evolution from the fringes of society to the spotlight of modern culture.

  • Creating Lifelike Figures PC
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    Creating Lifelike Figures Polymer Clay

    Katherine Dewey's expressive and elegant detailed sculptures enchant all who see them. With the magical medium of polymer clay and this book, you can follow in her footsteps.

  • Extreme Costume Makeup

    World-renowned special effects artists Brian and Nick Wolfe will teach you how to transform everyday faces into an army of ghastly personas--from raging fire demons and disfigured zombies, to blood-spattered vampires and otherworldly aliens--with simple face-painting techniques.

  • Girls In Resin - Joe Laudati
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    Girls In Resin - Joe Laudati

    A compilation of female figure models sculpted by figurine-artist Joe Laudati for the 'garage kit' industry. 84 full-color pages covering over twenty years worth of 'resin' plastic women, sexy vampires, fairies, scream queens, pinups, comic book and movie heroines, with anecdotes of their creation. Softbound

  • Glassfibre Handbook
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    Glassfibre Handbook

    Soft bound with 160 pages, this book shows practical descriptions on how-to-do hand lay-up methods producing glassfiber laminates and mouldings and use in casting methods. This book is a practical guide with each chapter providing complete detail on the subject in question.

  • Grande Illusions Books 1 & 2
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    Grande Illusions Books 1 & 2

    Legendary special make-up effects artist, Tom Savini's books, Grande Illusions and Grande Illusions II, have been entertaining readers and educating the next generation of artists for decades

  • Hollywood Makeup Lab - NOGUEIRA
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    Hollywood Makeup Lab - NOGUEIRA

    Have you ever been to a movie and wondered how in the world makeup artists make the characters look so vivid and magnificent? For special effects makeup guru Bruna Nogueira, it's all in a day's work.

  • Hot Patina for Non Ferrous
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    Hot Patina for Non Ferrous

    Go step by step through the hot patina process and the patinas. Begin with safety, tools, alloy of metal, and surface preparation. Then learn how to make and apply over 15 different hot patinas and how to protect them indoors and out. Included is information on how to use paint, dye, pigment, oxides, and mica powders in combination to achieve varied...

  • Make-Up Hot Spot DVD Set
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    Make-Up Hot Spot DVD Set

    Award winning Hollywood makeup artist John Goodwin shows how to master the lab work and application of more than twenty different characters over 6 CDs including Frankenstein, Zombies, Teen Wolf, Macbeth's Head and Cavemen.

  • Modelling & Sculpting Animals
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    Modelling & Sculpting Animals

    Reprint of one of the three volume work originally published at 1911. Lanteri was professor of sculpture at the Royal College. The other two volumes are available as a single volume reprint under the title Modeling and Sculpting the Human Figure (Book 33). 233 pages, 203 illustrations, soft bound.

  • Modelling Figure in Clay
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    Modelling Figure in Clay

    Lucchesi demonstrates in step-by-step procedures, how to work with terracotta on bust, torsos and small figures. The use of Lucchesi's prong armature, which is removable before firing, is illustrated. 155 pages, soft bound.

  • Modelling Head in Clay
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    Modelling Head in Clay

    Master sculptor Lucchesi invites you on a guided tour of the human form. Follow him as he creates a figure in clay literally from the inside out starting with the skeleton, laying on the muscles, and finishing with every detail down to the face and hair, carefully modeled to make a complete figure sculpture. 144 pages, soft bound.

  • Mould Making Ceramics
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    Mould Making Ceramics

    Soft bound with 128 pages. A book aimed directly at ceramic mould making, containing information that is hard to come by. It covers all complexities for both industrial and artistic use and is a must have reference guide for anyone in the field of ceramic mouldmaking. Very informative and well illustrated.

  • Pop Sculpture
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    Pop Sculpture

    This book is targeted at enthusiasts, both those interested as a hobby and professionally. This book provides a complete guide to the design, sculpting and marketing of pop culture action figures, statues and collectibles. 

  • Prosthetic Make-up
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    Prosthetic Make-up

    In this DVD you will see demonstrations from a group of Hollywood's finest make-up effects artists. Mark Alfrey will design and sculpt the head and neck for our character. Brent Baker will present his tried and true technique for life casting a model

  • Resin Jewellery Kit - Cuff Mould
    Resin Jewellery Kit

    Resin Jewellery Kit - Kit includes 463g Bqueen Safety goggles Disposable apron Disposable gloves 10 icypole sticks 8 plastic cups Yellow pigment 15mL Red pigment 15mL White pigment 15mL Blue pigment 15mL 120 grit sandpaper 1200 grit sandpaper 4 measuring cups Bangle mould of your choice Instruction booklet and link to an online tutorial                 

  • White Metal Casting
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    Sculpting Miniature Military Figures

    A 36 page spiral bound step-by-step guide to moulding and casting in low melt alloys. Covers RTV-2 Silicone moulding and pouring low melt alloys.

  • Sculpting Movie Monsters
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    Sculpting Movie Monsters

    One of the first steps in creating a fantasy character from the movies is to sculpt it. Mark Alfrey demonstrates this process with two original sculptures created before your very eyes.