Foam Latex

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  • Foam Injection Gun - Small

    Foam Injection Gun Small , an economically priced foam latex gun.

  • Foam Latex Release

    GM Foam Latex Release is the same as that supplied in the foam latex kits.

  • GM Cell Choke

    GM Cell Choke is an additive that produces finer cells and makes softer foam, even when not whipping to high volumes.

  • GM Foam Latex gun

    GM Foam Latex Gun is the highest quality foam latex gun available. All parts are precision made to make this gun perform time and time again.

  • Monster Makers Foam Latex

    The Monster Makers Foam Latex is unmatched for its quality, dependability and stability. Its unique Chemistry yields a velvety soft foam with extremely fine cells. This makes for beautiful prosthetic blending edges and precision detail reproduction