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  • Cabosil

    Generally referred to as Cabosil. Used as a universal thickener. It is extremely light in weight. Caution should be taken when using this material as it can be hazardous to breath.

  • Industrial Talc

    A budget priced filler for reducing cost and exotherm in resins. Also used as a surface tension release agent on silicone moulds and as a surface protectant when using high temp silicones

  • Omyacarb 40

    Omyacarb 40 is a Medium-ground calcium carbonate filler/extender suitable for most applications where a relatively coarse product is required.

  • Q-Cel 520

    Q-Cel 520 is a hollow glass micro-balloon which can be mixed with just about any resin. Q-Cel will make the resin lightweight and buoyant, ideal for fishing lure making and can also be used with polyester resin and talc for custom body filler type blends

  • Slate Powder

    Slate Powder is a  general filler for bulking out resins to reduce price. Fantastic in clear polyester resin to create black bases and busts.