Fibreglass Rollers

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  • Barrel Roller

    A heavy duty metal roller for use in fiber glassing

  • Paddle Roller Yellow 80x23mm

    A perfect solution for ensuring air is released from your chopped strand mat. Simply roll away the air. Ideally suited for flat areas, but will work along the radius of curves too

  • Pro Fin Roller Yellow

    aluminium ring groove roller. Galvanised steel frame. Moulded plastic handle. Suitable for extension handles

  • Ring Groove Roller

    Designed for penetrating the resin through the fibreglass matting and the removal of air bubbles from all fabrics.

  • Steel Fin Roller

    This roller has the Traditional deep fin, straight groove design. Strong, galvanized steel frames for durability. Undersize handle bore for tight fit and long life and comfort. All handles are steel ferrule reinforced and accept standard threaded extension handles. These rollers have been Machined with radius fin corners to reduce glass fiber shearing

  • Wire Roller

    A basic and economical roller, the frame is galvanized wire and the roller section is all thread.  Can be cleaned with acetone for use time and time again.