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Barnes has a large range of Epoxy resin casting. Epoxycast is suitable for applications such as Resin Art.

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  • Butane Gas Refill

    Iroda 250ml professional grade high purity butane gas refill. Triple filtered for trouble free use with all Iroda Torches and other butane powered tools. Comes with multiple filling nozzles to suit most equipment.

  • Epoxycast Clear Casting Resin

    Epoxycast Clear Casting Resin is a general purpose casting system for processing and curing at room temperature. Product highlights include: low initial viscosity, good thermal stability at temperature 20 degrees celsius to 70 degrees celsius, and good mechanical properties. Epoxycast can also be used for Resin Art, Works great with our Resin Art board...

  • Epoxyglass

    EPOXYGLASS is a medium viscosity, ultra-clear resin that exhibits excellent air release properties and improved UV resistance. It is ideal for use as a decorative and protective coating for applications such as doming pictures, bar tops, labels and magnets.