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Barnes large range of patinas, metal paints and adhesives. We also have airbrush and airbrushing supplies.

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  • Opaque Airbrush Paints 8/pk
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    Opaque Airbrush Paints 8 pack

    Opaque Airbrush Exciter Pack Includes nine 14 ml bottles. Clear Varnish + the following eight colors: Yellow, Opaque Red, Opaque Blue, Opaque Green, Opaque Violet, Opaque Brown, Opaque Black, Opaque White

  • Adhesive Spirit Gum Thin 50ml
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    Adhesive Spirit Gum Thin 50ml

    Spirit Gum is an adhesive, made mostly of SD Alcohol 35-A (the solvent, or “spirit”) and resin (the adhesive, or “gum”), used primarily for affixing costume prosthetics

  • Blood Flowing Dark 1L
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    Blood Flowing Dark 1L

    Used to create realistic wounds where smearing and dripping is required. Great consistency that "holds" on the skin. Dries with a nice fresh look. Can be reactivated with water. 

  • Bluebird Blood Thick 1L
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    Bluebird Blood Thick 1L

    Water-Based Bloods are washable, but please check fabrics for staining prior to use.

  • Transparent Airbrush Paints 8/pk
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    Transparent Airbrush Paints 8 pack

    Transparent Airbrush Exciter Pack Includes nine 14 ml bottles. Clear Varnish + the following eight colors: Transparent Yellow, Transparent Red, Transparent Blue, Transparent Green, Transparent Violet, Transparent Brown, Transparent Black, Transparent White

  • Handi-file Set
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    Handi-file Set

    Three popular grits double sided in a single pack. Handi-files in 100/150, 180/240 and 400/600 grit.

  • Microgloss 1oz
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    Microgloss 1oz

    When used on a properly prepared surface as the final polishing medium, Micro Gloss will bring it to a fine luster.

  • Airbrush Paasche Quick Connect
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    Airbrush Paasche Quick Connect

    Airbrush Paasche Quick Connect fitting only.

  • Airbrush Multi Holder
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    Airbrush Multi Holder - Holds up to 4 Air Brush Guns + Base

    Holds up to 4 Airbrushes (2 gravity feed - 2 syphon feed)Full metal construction Solid base for bench mounting

  • Compressor Mini Air 3.5lt Tank
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    Artlogic AC2418 Super Quiet Twin Piston Mini Air...

    DESCRIPTION: Twin Piston Air CompressorOil-less 1/4 HP Motor50 PSI Max240Volt/50HzWith inbuilt Thermal Overload Cut-OutAuto Stop1/8"BSP Conection

  • Airbrush Artlogic DA GF 2cc
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    Airbrush Artlogic Dual Action Gravity Feed 2cc 0.2mm needle

    AC320 Dual Action, Internal mix, Gravity Feed Airbrush 0.2mm Needle and nozzle assembly and 2cc Cup.

  • Airbrush Artlogic DA GF 7cc 0.3mm needle
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    Airbrush Artlogic Dual Action Gravity Feed 7cc 0.3mm needle

    AC330 Double Action, Internal mix, Gravity Feed Airbrush 0.3mm Needle and nozzle assembly and 7cc Cup with cover. The Artlogic range of airbrushes have been selected for their quality and reliability and present excellent value for money.

  • Airbrush Artlogic SA Set
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    Airbrush Artlogic Single Action Set

    Airbrush Artlogic Single Action Set is a single action airbrush in a boxed kit External mix with an 0.8mm needle. This box set includes 2 x 1oz bottles, braided hose and accessories.

  • Airbrush Paasche Cleaning Kit
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    Airbrush Paasche Cleaning Kit

    Airbrush Paasche Cleaning Kit contains 7 assorted size brushes to enable a thorough clean of all airbrushes.

  • Sparmax TC-520A Twin Cylinder Airbrush Compressor
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    Sparmax TC-520A Twin Cylinder Airbrush Compressor

    A twin cylinder Auto-Stop 1cfm Compressor, which will more than meet the demands of most airbrush artists. At just 7.8 kgs, with a 2.5 Litre tank it is very portable. Oil less and quiet running, it's a compressor for the serious airbrush artist

  • Patina Solvent Dye Thinner 8oz
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    Patina Solvent Dye Thinner 8oz

    The Dye Thinner should always be used to dilute solvent dyes because they are very concentrated. When the thinner is added, the dyes will become more transparent. DO NOT substitute with another thinner. This thinner has UV inhibitors, corrosive inhibitors for all metals, and binders that help maintain the integrity of the dyes.

  • Spray Adhesive 400g
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    Spray Adhesive 400g

    Professional standard - quickly bonds many different surfaces including paper, cardboard, photos, fabric, wood, metal and glass. Clear, non-yellowing coverage. Stays tacky to allow repositioning. Acid free so will not harm material.

  • Patina Stain Black 440g Spray
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    Patina Stain Spray 440g

    Patina Stains are blended to match chemical or traditional patinas, but are easier to apply and manage. They are UV stable.These stains may be sprayed, brushed, or rubbed on any metal. They may be thinned to produce a lighter shade. One gallon of Patina Stain covers approximately 300 sq/ft. For best results, over-spray with Clear Guard EF after application. 

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  • E43 - RTV1 98gm
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    E43 - RTV1

    E43 is a transparent, self-leveling, one-component, acetic cure silicone with very good mechanical properties. Excellent primerless adhesion properties.

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  • Belt Polishing Kit
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    Micro-Mesh Belt Polishing Kit

    A unique fine belt kit for getting in and polishing those hard to reach spots and internal details. This kit contains a sprint loaded belt tool holder and 9 different belt grades: 1500, 1800, 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000, 12000 grit.

  • MX File 5/8 x 150
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    MX File 5/8 x 150

    Convenience and quality in a soft touch file, double sided. 150 grit.

  • Airbrush Artlogic GF Spray Gun
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    Airbrush Artlogic Gravity Feed Spray Gun

    Airbrush Artlogic GF spray gun has an 0.5mm nozzle. Gravity cup is 200cc. Pattern width 40mm. Operating pressue 30-40psi. 1/4" air-line fitting.

  • Airbrush Paasche VL Set
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    Airbrush Paasche VL Set

    The airbrush features a chrome plated body and parts for durability. Included with the airbrush are all three available spray heads, which allow the VL to be used for most any application

  • Smash-It
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    Smash-It is a breakaway blend made from high quality resins and polymers to give a unique glass effect. This product has been widely used on many film and TV productions. Glass like clarity. Can be heated and hand poured. Will shatter like glass. Can be colored using oil soluble dyes mixed in white oil. Melting point 115 degrees Celsius, Softening Point...

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