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  • Sculpey Bake & Bend (Super Flex) Clay

    Sculpey Super Flex Bake and Bend Modeling compound stays rubber and flexible after baking. Mould, sculpt, stamp, pattern, blend and cut. Super Flex is non-toxic and will not dry out when exposed to the air

  • Sculpey Eraser Clay Set

    Sculpey Eraser Clay set allows you to shape and bake? then erase! Mould, sculpt, stamp, pattern, blend, cut? just like regular Sculpey.

  • Sculpey Keepsake Handprint Kit

    Sculpey Keepsake Clay Hnadprint kit, celebrate the Holidays with oven bake clay! Complete kit include everything needed to create lasting holiday ornaments ? capture a tiny handprint in clay. The perfect way to celebrate baby?s first Christmas; makes a great gift for baby showers.