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  • Acetone
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    Acetone is the general clean up solvent for polyester resins products, great for cleaning tools, rollers, mixing equipment and work benches. Take care when wiping down finished polyester resins.

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  • Alumimium Granules
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    Alumimium Granules

    Commonly used as a filler in resin moulds for vacuum forming and low pressure injection. Imparts high strength and minimal distortion.

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  • Aluminium Powder
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    Aluminium Powder

    These powders give the ultimate metallic leafing finish in resin. Using only a smalll amount into your resin mix you can achieve the most amazing of metal looking finishes.

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  • AR AntiCrak Fibre 500gm
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    AR AntiCrak Fibre

    This is a premium Alkali-Resistant Fiber used for concrete crack control or gypsum casting. Low percentages of this fiber will impart improved strength and chip/crack resistance on your FMG castings. Can also be used as a premium product when hand laying FMG in replacement of the 20-40 strands. The strand properties are 12mm long, 14 micron diameter...

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  • Bqueen Polyurethane Resin
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    Bqueen Rigid Translucent Polyurethane

    Bqueen is a quick setting polyurethane resin which is champagne/translucent in colour. It has slight internal bubbles when set. Easy to hand sand and finish Recommended for:  Jewellery, Tinted Parts, Small Models, Props.Potlife & Demould: Work time - 2 mins / Demould time - 15-30 minsHardness & Type:  Shore D72 +/-2 Rigid Polyurethane, 110cps

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  • Brass Powder
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    Brass Powder

    These fillers are more commonly used in resins for producing cold cast metal effects. Generally, higher amounts of metal powder are used to give a true metallic effect. Can be buffed, polished and a patina applied if required.

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  • Bronze Powder
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    Bronze Powder

    Can be mixed with a variety of products including forton, polyesters, polyurethanes, Epoxy Resins. Great for use when creating cold cast effects

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  • Brown Microcrystaline - $/kg
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    Brown Microcrystaline Wax 1kg Block

    Microcrystalline waxes consist of a matrix of extremely small crystals. They are sometimes referred to as amorphous wax.

  • Budget Dispenser
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    Budget Dispenser 500ml

    A cheaper version of the Swedtool type system used for measuring out MEKP catalyst.

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  • Cabosil
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    Generally referred to as Cabosil. Used as a universal thickener. It is extremely light in weight. Caution should be taken when using this material as it can be hazardous to breath.

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  • Casting Plaster 5kg
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    Casting Plaster

    Regular casting plaster used for quick casts into alginate or latex moulds.

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  • Challenge 95
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    Challenge 95 Release Agents

    Challenge 95 is primarily a release for flexible and rigid polyurethane elastomers and foams.  It can be used for other polyurethane systems as well, however, it is advisable to test prior to its use.  Challenge 95 is a universal release for plaster, metal, urethane, and epoxy molds.

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  • Citro-Clean Multipurpose
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    Citro-Clean Multipurpose Cleaner

    A great multipurpose cleaner for tools and your work area. Will clean up most liquid resin and silicone spills. Safe to use.

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  • Clariti
    Clariti - Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin

    CLARITI is a low viscosity, ultra-clear epoxy resin used in potting and casting applications where an exceptionally clear resin is required. CLARITI exhibits excellent air release properties & its higher cured hardness allows it to be ground and polished. It is ideal for use in casting objects such as jewellery, decorative tableware, ornaments &...

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  • Clear Gelcoat Marble Glaze
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    Clear Gelcoat Marble Glaze

    Clear Gelcoat Marble Glaze is a UV stabilized, ortho-NPG polyester specifically formulated as a thixotropic gelcoat. Clear Gelcoat has excellent abrasion, water and chemical resistance when processed properly. It is also suitable for fiberglass and filler-reinforced polyester sanitary-ware.

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  • Conc. Silicone Spray 400gm
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    Concentrated Silicone Spray 400gm

    Silicone Spray is the best spray lubricant for general-purpose lubrication and is CFC free. It is a formulated lubricant with a temperature range between – 30°C to +200°C.

  • Copper Powder
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    Copper Powder

    Can be mixed with a variety of products including forton, polyesters, polyurethanes, Epoxy Resins. Great for use when creating cold cast effects

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  • D-Limonene
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    A biodegradable solvent occurring in nature as the main component of citrus peel oil. It has a pleasant citrus aroma and has a FDA-GRAS rating (is generally recognized as safe).. Replacement for toxic solvents. Can be used to thin KE45T. bfvvcxcxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Dayglo

    DayGlo Fluorescent Pure Pigment PowderFor use in Barnes Epoxy, Polyester and Polyurethane ResinsCan be used in some waxesCare should be taken to sift the pigment into the resin,ensuring any clumps are broken down and mixed thoroughly

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  • Dental Separator
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    Dental Separator

    Water based dental separator. Used in dental acrylic processes and for floating off multiple appliance sculptures when sculpting on plaster and white hydrocal.

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  • Disposable Aprons
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    Disposable Apron

    A cheap and economical apron ideal for single use applications. Made from LDPE these aprons are white and are a full size bib style measuring 71cm x 117cm.

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  • Large Disp. Overalls
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    Disposable Overalls

    lightweight breathable disposable protective clothing

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  • DM2000 Valved Mask
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    DM2000 Valved Mask


  • Drop Sheet Plastic
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    Drop Sheet Plastic

    A Plastic Drop Sheet to cover and protect your valuables.